For stubborn people

This blog post is for stubborn people only! If you’re not stubborn, you’re wasting your time here, go read another post, about Ayahuasca for instance.

Hello brothers and sisters of a feather!
Did you decide to know it all better because, with your analytical mind, you noticed early on that the people in your life you were bossing other people around, without much clue of  who they really were or what they were doing, themselves?
Did you know from early on that it would be crucial, vital for you to follow your inner voice?
Join the club!

Perhaps you feel there’s a soul mission for you to fulfill in this lifetime, or a hidden treasure, just sitting there, waiting for you to come and find it, and all your life you’re searching for the Way, the Path, the Door to go through in order to find that magical current that feels like a warm bath of recognition, like coming Home.

I’ve got news for you! That door is inside you!
Turn your attention around, it’s not out there, it’s in here!

But let’s return to the subject of this post, shall we – to stubborness.

It has taken me…decades. Yes, I’ve got a ‘hard head’, as they say here in the Netherlands.
And very caring, loving people have told me (but I didn’t listen) that it didn’t do me any good to be so stubborn. That what I had learnt as a child to protect my inner knowing, that shield of stubborness – it’s not…so useful anymore. It is okay to lower your defences and listen to well meant advice.
You don’t have to take it on, you can just hold it in your minds’ hand as it were, and inspect it. You can store the advice in the Great Shed of Stuff inside your head for later inspection, for later use.
But to reject it straight out of the bat? Hmmm… perhaps not so useful.

Are you as stubborn as I am? I’m secretly hoping so. But do consider letting down that defence fence, okay?

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Stay strong, radiant, wise! And slack on the defences (I’m holding your hand, we’re in it together).


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