The Spring that changed the World

There is a global retreat going on!

Without closing my eyes to the hardships, I’d like to shed light on another side of this event that has been waiting for its dawn for so many years now: the birth of a new Earth.

These are challenging times, as the great unknown unfolds.
But know that this turning point is here for the better, we’re getting this special time to re-evaluate, to have a more meaningful, deeper connection with ourselves, with each other and with Nature – and to get creative, that’s our speciality as humans.

The weirdness of this all can be unsettling. Especially if we’re a bit low on energy, if we didn’t get enough sleep; then thoughts get more power than is good for us. So rest enough – take a powernap or sleep in if you can.


Here are my findings on how to ground yourself, balance yourself, soothe yourself:

1. Do whatever you can to get stress out of your body and to relax more – stretch, dance, shake your body like a dog shakes stress or water out of its fur, take a hot shower or bath. Sing, work out, massage yourself or your partner-in-quarantine…

2. Indulge in soothing things – staring in a candle flame with a cup of hot tea cradled in your hands, or watch the smoke of incense rising. That hot bath from previous paragraph, with some essential oil and in candlelight will work wonders. Hugging your dearests, your self or a teddybear is very soothing as well. Listening to soft music or an audiobook, and doing some handwork – mending, knitting, drawing, painting – now is the time. Build a reading-nest on the couch – blankets, pillows and piles of books. Warm socks on your feet.

3. Be mindful about the quality of  your intake – information, conversations, air, food and drink. Likewise, be mindful about your own output. If you’re worried about someone, call them or reach out to them via a message and ask. Release stress, bad habits, negative thought-loops. Dig to the root of recurring painful thoughts, now is the time not to shun away from them anymore – and heal them with your present-day understanding and Love. You are greater than that (thought, happening), you are wiser, stronger and more creative – you’ve got this.

4. As you are processing, consider creating something new, something better – right now. You’ve got the time. You’re doing your evaluations. What would be beneficial to you? Or what change could you make in your life? Or for the World? Journal about it, examine it a bit, from different directions. Perhaps you want to elaborate on it?  And then, just like that, begin – find a creative way to make a beginning. Commit to small, daily steps. They will amount to a bigger change over time.
Congratulations, you’re creating a better life!

5. Making sense of the chaos. From this centered state, can you see the overview? The humanity is healing its systems, pressing on the pause-button and re-thinking, re-evaluating.
In this event, I’m seeing one gigantic invitation to choose wiser, to envision a healthier, more beautiful and nature-connected World. And then start creating it, little by little, one by one, together, as One, as the Rainbow Tribe.

(Is there someone you know who might get a sunny spark of light from reading this blog post? Do share!)

further reading:

I’ve written a blogpost on Connection (your intuition hotline!), about inner knowing and the connection we all can have with the Source.

Here’s a link to the clear, authentic energy update about the times we’re living in, from Lee Harris.

I’m here for you if you need me! Wishing you a fruitful cocooning time.

May the Source be with you,


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