Transmute fear, step into your power

What is fear?
Fear arises when we’re a bit dreamy, and we unawarely take a presented tought about the future onboard in our minds, believing it will be so – we’re not filtering it through our awareness, but accepting something as-is. Fear then enters our being, engaging our thoughts and pumping out stress hormones. Stress arises, “we’ve got to save ourselves”. We want to prepare,  in order to divert the course of things that we assume will be unfolding in a specific way. But we can’t accurately predict the future. We create it.

Please bring your attention into the present moment. Into the ever pulsating now, now, now…

In the fresh, awake and aware here and now there seldom is reason for fear – and even if there is, you have little time to think about it, in that case you’ll be needing all your energy for immediate action.

Action is also the second remedy to fear – the first remedy being living in the present moment.
When we’re stressed, we produce adrenaline to ‘fight or flight’. When you feel the uneasy pressure of adrenaline building up in your body, it is time to turn the music high up and dance, or go outside for a run or a walk, connect with nature (gardening, anyone?) or just plain shake the bad vibes off. Move that body! Sing, laugh, make sounds! You are ALIVE!!!!!

Remember, always: any uncomfortable emotion is an invitation to snap out of the thought-train and enter the present moment, anchor yourself in the here and now, deep in your Beingness.

I found a great checklist in a post by the illustrator Marloes de Vries (@marloesdevee on Instagram). She is sharing:
– What triggers these feelings? Avoid that.
– What makes me feel better? Do that.
– Do I get enough sleep? Go to bed earlier.
– Did I go outside for a quick walk? Put on your shoes.
– Do I eat healthy and on steady times?

The World is a bit crazy at the moment, there are many voices trying to convince us of often conflicting stories. What to trust?
Trust you. Trust your intuition. After moving the stress through and out of your body, find your inner balance within yourself, in stillness, in meditation, in nature connection.
Ground yourself, root yourself lovingly, firmly in Mother Earth. We belong here, we are co-creators of Life on Earth, literally.
Reel in your thought-field for a moment, and be present in your body. Feel the breath rising and subsiding, feel your feet on the floor. Move your bodily vessel around a bit, you are here, now.
Come to the present moment, within yourself.

Deepak Chopra says:” The best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety”.
With storylines running rampant on the internet and in the mainstream media, you might just as well entertain yourself for a moment. Use your creative thoughts to envision the best, limitless, most fantastic scenario overflowing with beauty and abundance. Why not? It’s way more fun than the fearmongery in the news at the moment! Imagine
Better yet, share your most beautiful vision with me in an email or here under in the comments.

And now to the most important part.

Creating a better future is not passive. It is not retreating into a cave to meditate. It is not pooh-poohing those who are consumed by fear. It is about getting yourself gathered together, for the sake of greater good. Rising to the occasion, because the occasion is NOW. Expanding your force-field…growing in personal power. Expelling the darkness. Reclaiming your power. Connecting with humanity. Supporting the natural, organic Life on Earth. Guarding your Self against fatigue.
Please do everything you can, within the limits of your personal energy, to actively take part in creating a new way of living together, in harmony, in connection, in Love. We’ve got this, together!

Spiritual mentoring? I am here for you.

PS. Need some fierceness-inspiration? Here you go.

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