Spiritual mentoring

I’d like you to have strong intuition – so that you have inner knowledge about who you are, what you are capable of and what it is that you came on Earth for.

I’d like you to envision a future that is aligned with your soul purpose – things that make your Heart sing – and to take concrete steps towards that vision.

And I’d love you to become a conscious co-creator, a member of Team Gaia, a creating force that is in tune with Nature.

Background story

When I was a teenager I was reading all the books about shamanism and witchcraft I could get my hands on.
In lack of a spiritual mentor, the books were my portal to these fascinating worlds.

As a young adult I started to find teachers and healers, and to visit them next to practicing on my own with some interdimensional techniques. I was amazed to find these kindred souls and looked very much up to them, thinking that I didn’t have a deep enough understanding or high enough skills to be taken seriously.

And yet. The things I was experiencing and later, the friends I was practicing with, both reported some authentic, powerful stuff. It wasn’t until much later in my Ayahuasca experience that I started to see myself … as “graduated”? The learning goes on, forever.
As “an equal”? To whom? We’re all different, yet all equal in value.
I think I’ll choose the word “whole” for now, as in “nothing missing”. Everything is here, present.
I just need to turn my focus inward, with an open mind and Heart, in the present moment and see.

The same goes for you, who is reading this blog post right now. You are not “less” than anyone else, nor are you “better”.
We are all human beings on our soul path, at different stages of awakening and remembering who we really are, helping each other along the way.

I’m offering spiritual mentoring to fellow spiritual adventurers.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Spiritual Mentoring I’ve encountered so far:

Q: Why do you call it mentoring and not coaching?

A: Because “coaching” to me sounds like there’s a trajectory to be followed, in a specific sequental order, and “coaching” to me implies some kind of hierarchy – that the coach is somehow above the coached-one. “A mentor'” feels friendlier to me, like a friendly guide, pointing stuff out, but letting you decide the route. I’ve got your back, I care for you, I’ll jump in and help you if needed, but – like a Mama Bear, I’ll let you do the discovering in the direction and pace you want.

Q: So it’s not a programme?

A: No, because I believe you should be able to proceed as you want to, freshly in the moment.
I am following your journey attentively, offering advice and pointing out directions, dangers, treasures and opportunities as they arise – but you are the adventurer, on your own journey.

Q: What will I gain from mentoring with Simperi?

A: Clarity on your personal spiritual path, more self-assuredness, a better understanding about possible blockages and knowledge about how to tackle them. Eventually it’s my goal and Heart-felt wish that you stand in the World as described in the introduction:
with strong intuition, with a future vision that is aligned with your soul purpose and consciously co-creating with Gaia.

Q: What does mentoring with Simperi require from me?

A: The openness and willingness to do the work you need to do…at your own pace.
Some of it is a bit tough, involving facing things that evoke “negative” emotions. But it is better to drag the darkness into the light to be seen, than to let it fester on in the shadows…

Q: Who is it for?

A: Simperi mentoring is for people who have the feeling that there is more to this Life than meets the eye… And who want to find out what that “more” is – so badly that they’re willing to work on themselves in order to re-member and to re-discover themselves.

It is not for… it is not for half-assed poking around to alleviate boredom or to distract yourself from something you should face but you don’t want to. It’s also not some cool stuff to do to impress someone else with.

You should do this primarily for your Self (to re-member things and to activate your Self) and secondly, for the World – for our planet, Nature and our native, natural humanity.

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