The Invisible Path – When the flow goes underground

Your Soul Path is an ADVENTURE with a beginning, an exciting journey and the currently visualised outcome. In this post I’m exploring envisioning Your Soul Path in its storytelling form.
(other forms of envisioning could be: complete downloads or visions as a glimpse into the future)

Let’s craft together, shall we?

The Beginning
Once upon a time – now – there is this main character, You.
You have come from The Beginning.
The Beginning of this lifetime, and before that, you had experiences in other lifetimes and dimensions that have given you all kinds of flavours of memories and tools that are freely at your disposal in this lifetime. The experience of these old memories and gained tools is fluid, etheric and yet, very real.

So here You are! In this glorious moment of Now, on your Soul Path, heading to an Adventure, in search for your Treasure.
Your Treasure is that what you envision as the next outcome – so beautiful and fulfilling that it kind of makes your Heart ache of longing.

Here’s what we’ll do, a hands-on guide:

1. Mark your Beginning in your Map.
You can draw a map, write a map, sing a map, make a vision board map…what ever tickles your creativity – embroider it, carve it, cook it, interior-design it!

You have your beginning point, your here&now, “marked with an X” – made recognisable in any means that satisfy you and make you happy.
Have fun with your here and now, your You the Hero and his/her current surroundings.
You can use your imagination to add symbolics and magic to your here and now, giving the people around you archetypical characters, really diving deep into the magical tapestry we call This Life.
Or keep it clean and schematic – what ever pleases your aesthetic taste.

2. Your Treasure
Since we need to know where we’re going, we juggle the order of things around a bit, and handle the Treasure before the Journey.
Your Treasure is your Secret or not-so-secret longing, that what you sometimes daydream of.
It can be a person (a partner, child, mentor, healer, friend…), a situation, a place, a thing, a skill, a state of being… You know, anything that has a powerful magnetic effect on your inner compass.

Mark your Treasure in your creation in a way that is meaningful to you. As with The Beginning, have fun with it, spend time with it, make it as detailed as you find it needs to be right now.
For the Impatient Ones: Spend some extra time with this, really get to know it better through the lens of your intuition. Add dimensions and colour to your longing – and then set it free*.
For the Procrastinating Ones: Don’t get lost in this step! Reel back your wandering mind and creativity, compress things a bit into a more concluding, strong form. And then set it free.*

* Once you’ve crafted your Treasure on your Map, really see that it is there. No need to crave, wish, hope or worry about it anymore. You’ve defined it, stated it, it stands strong on its foundations, in your Treasure Map.
It’s a living, breathing thing that can morph with time as needed, but for now – set it free. Enter the magical word “Trust” into your Soul Path Map – you know the Treasure is there, and you Trust you will find it.

3. The Journey
And so the Journey begins!
You’ve set your compass. Your Hero sets off from the Here & Now towards the Treasure.
There’s a pull in the Soul Path, a magnetic force that pulls you in the direction of your Treasure, sometimes inching on so slowly that you start to wonder if you’re moving at all (enjoy the cenery!), sometimes flying fast, almost crashing into new situations like a tidal wave.
Trust the pace. Trust the path. And trust You. Trust that you’ve got what is needed in every given situation. Trust that you’ll check on your Self to see if the direction and pace are all right for this moment, and that you’ll do what is needed to adjust.
And trust that should you forget, for any reason, that you’re on your Soul Path, there is an automatic re-routing in place: in the case of wandering off track, you’ll feel a bit off. There’ll be this little voice tugging at your attention. Reminding you to get back on your Path, to check your direction, adjust your pace, take inventory of what’s in your luggage and act accordingly.

The Invisible Path – When the flow goes underground

That’s all fun and exciting, this Adventurous Journey towards my Treasure – but what to do when the flow goes underground? When Life is such that I loose the feeling of that magnetic pull and I get unsure of my direction, Path and all of it?

Sometimes in our Lives the flow goes underground. As with water; sometimes a stream vanishes under the Earth and we wonder – where did it go?

Dreaming (journeying, envisioning) into the underground flow, I “see” it merrily flowing on, cleansing itself as it journeys through the filters of Earth, having an adventure of its own. It’s picking up treasures of its own – minerals, energy fields, perhaps joining together with other underground streams. It’s getting rid of unwanted luggage – leaving debris, toxins, unpurities behind. It’s perhaps doing a bit of direction-dreaming of its own, connecting to its own higher Self, Natural consciousness, figuring out where it will be of most service.

In the meantime, above ground, we can look for clues for the direction. Where is the vegetation more lush than in its surroundings? Those plants are probably growing above the underground stream.
In human-terms; where is the energy vibration in your Life right now – really in, not in the future, but in the here & now – higher, more strong than in other areas? Follow that.
Is there a song, a colour, a scent, a taste, a state of being that makes your Heart do a little skip of joy? Follow that.
Do you long to be in solitude, in company, input, output, no-put (=rest)? Follow that.

These are the Small Steps, the tracking you do as the Flow is underground.

And you can Trust; when your flow comes above ground again, when you find it again – it is visible, tangible and more easily  followable – it’ll be super clear, powerful, recharged with goodness and singing by your side.

So don’t worry. Make your Map. Mark your Here & Now, your Treasure and have fun on your Adventurous Journey!

Would you like some company, some help with reading your Map? I’d love to walk a stretch by your side, pointing out tracks and special things of interest. Or some multidimensional healing? Let’s get your energies clean, strong and aligned again!

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