Healing session in June


Transcript of a session that went into much deeper dimensions than I had expected:

“ I call my helpers … and they arrive. We need to be five for this healing to be potent in exactly the right way.

We become light beings, shining golden light – the healing can begin.

We travel backwards in time, arriving in a time when the person in question was a little boy, perhaps five years old. I see him doing his best, but being nagged to and getting endless complaints from his parents and sister. This is where the hurting began.

I invite the emotional bodies of the child-version of this man, and the adult version of him in front of me: they lay peacefully inside each other (child emotional body inside adult emotional body) in a horizontal position. Initially I see them as two separate vessels, but as the healing begins the separation dissipates and there is only one adult emotional body.

I begin the cleaning work, removing black shadow-beings from different areas of his emotional body, encapsulating them in golden light and sending them to the center of the Creation. One being doesn’t want to be ‘recycled’ and after a strict investigation I conclude its request is authentic and valid and watch the transformation taking place: it is turning from a parasite to a guardian, from black to white light, and I know it will fulfill its function perfectly.

I’m strengthening the Heart of the person in question with Rose Quarts, Rose and Hawthorn spirits.

I turn the emotional bodies around and see there are about twenty sharp objects in the back of the person. I carefully remove them and heal the wounds.

I increase the intensity of the golden light and bathe the energy bodies in it. They now “humm” at a much higher vibration.

I turn my attention to his wife. Her energy body remains upright as I remove shadow beings from it and direct healing golden and pink light to the holes.

I notice that his ego (and energy body) is much taller than hers. I ask his ego to return to its natural Soul size. It shrinks. I then request the energy body to tune out of the ego frequency and into the Soul frequency and I see the energy body grow again, but in a more organic manner – softer, rounder.

I ask the energy body of his partner to grow to its natural Soul size. With some hesitation it increases its size by 50%. I request her energy body also to tune in to Soul frequency, and I see it also connecting to the Light energy web of our World.

I bathe them both separately in intense golden Light. I then tune in to rose Light (pink) and place them into this Love Light. They are together again, both of them strong, independent, their selves.

I bless them and turn my attention to my helpers.

We take each others hands and a great pillar of light appears within the circle that we are forming, going deep into the Earth and high into the Heaven. It is very powerful, and heightens our vibration as it pulses within our circle. I notice it is healing the family lines of him and her.

After the work is done, the intensive energies subside, I thank my helpers and return to day consciousness.

The following day I get this message:” All is well! They are so very thankful for this Life and for each other – he says he is “almost bursting with Love for her” “. Thank You.

( Here’s the beginning of the situation, the reason why I was asked to do the healing, “as soon as possible” in the first place. I’ve removed it from the beginning of the post and placed it at the end:  I got a call from a distressed relative of a man who was angry, frustrated, drunk and threatening to kill himself. The police had visited to calm down the situation, but the family remained in the fear for a worst case scenario.  With the information of the name and whereabouts of the person in question, I went into the Healing Space…)

You can read more about energy healing here.

( This blogpost was originally posted in June 2016. )






energy healing, shamanic healing


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