Becoming One

You know the story of the man in a cross-roads who met the Devil? The Devil asks him “what do you want?”, the man tells him his dreams and the Devil says:” Let’s make a deal. I’ll give you everything you want, and more – in exchange for your soul.” The man accepts the deal and gets all the wealth and power he so yearned for – but his soul now belongs to the Devil.

Is this a lost case? You’ve agreed to something at some point in your life, and now you’re stuck to it “for ever”? Of course not. You’re a sovereign human being, a free soul. Your Life is yours to direct and command, no matter what happened before, in this life or a previous one.

Are you deceiving someone if you make past pacts undone? Nope. You have the right to reclaim your sovereign power in the here and now, completely.

It might well be – it’s even quite probable – that you then loose “everything you gained through the deal”, but you knew that all the time already, didn’t you? :) And let’s be fair, what is more of value: external adornments or personal freedom?

I saw a video of Tijn Touber where he quoted John Lennon:”What if it was war and no one went?”

Well. What if there WAS a plandemic and everyone had to stay inside? And, next to the economic and social insanity that followed, they would finally have time to think because the rat race was on pause. And after an initial shock they’d get curious and started to look for answers. And then they found out about those ‘silly conspiracy theories’ and labelled them as fantasy because otherwise it was too scary and far out. And then, a little while later there would be division and incomprehension and anger. And after that things came into the light, things that we didn’t want to know about, but well, they’re better out in the open than in the hiding. And we all saw. And we understood.

That the dualism was all the time within us. The good wolf and the bad wolf reside in us – it’s up to us to decide how to live with them.

Neutralise the polarity. See and recognise the full spectrum. In the intricate web of life, in the Natural ways, there is no absolute good or absolute evil – those are constructs of the mind that feed the ego. Please consider acknowledging the wholeness, the fullness of all to have its functions – until it becomes useless, detached and recycled because we choose better.

Choose better. Aware, awake. Now, now and now.

Interested in talking about matters like this one to one or in a group? I’m offering mentoring for individuals and group gatherings, and hope to see you soon!

After dualism let's neutralise the polarities and become full spectrum natural humans again

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