Navigating rough seas of energy

A visualisation: Let’s call our collective consciousness the Sea. And the various media the winds. We’re in rough weather. Some tools to navigate by.

The air pressure intensifies as the polarisation grows. We’re being played against each other in so many ways.

Coping mechanisms: Hunkering down in survival mode. Searching for information, either in mainstream media ( that feeds our fears ) or in the “alternative media” on the internet. Trying to share the information with the people you care about. Ruffling feathers in doing so…

I know we’re to unite. To stand up for natural humanity, for our personal sovereignty and absolute freedom.

But the storm is raging, making clear communication nearly impossible.

What to do in such a situation? I tried “looking out”, to the external, searching for clues. There is too much disturbance in the air.

So I turn inside instead, closing out the storm, piercing the clouds in stillness and I’m accessing the Sun.

Such calm, relaxation and clear vision! I get grounded, steady as a rock. My stature becomes a lighthouse, piercing through the storm. All this noise is being played up in order to divide us, for they, the manipulators, the puppeteers are afraid of us uniting and rising into our natural power.

Our natural power is a surprisingly relaxed, easy ( because natural ), free flowing, infinitely creative, warm and loving energy.

As an introspective exercise I’m zooming my focus between the micro- and macrocosmoses of Self.

At the smallest level there is the ego, the persona, the “I with a name, a status, a story”. As I’m shifting the focus from micro towards macro, I see the focus point growing to Self, then the higher Self, community, nation, continent, humanity, all-that-is-living-on-Earth and further, to the symphony of Galaxies.

In this all-encompassing Self there is no polarisation. Everything is an expression of Self. We are truly free to choose within this all-encompassing consciousness that we can call Oneness – our vibration, emotions, thoughts and actions. So what do we want?

My personal choices: this hierarchical system of oppression, with its – by investigation – increasingly absurd technocracy falls off and disappears because we cease to give it our attention.

I choose community. Local economy, reciprocal relationships, supporting and encouraging the discovery of personal gifts and talents, co-creation with Nature — essentially permaculture, the lore of Nature.

Here are some tools

Your Mind is great for solving technical, creative and logical (as in: understanding information we have a consensus on) problems. But these times call for expansion and accessing other levels of information:

The Heart: this is our gateway, connection point to community. To collective consciousness, to the informationfield – and the energy – of natural humanity on Earth. Also to other living beings – the animals, plants, minerals, nature spirits & elementals.

The Crown: as we focus our consciousness from the Heart, through our Crown to the Source where all life flows from and back into it again, we get Source Consciousness understanding – often experienced as a calm state of understanding, as perceived energy fields and -structures, as an birds-eye view of the bigger picture, the connections, dynamics, and qualities of those energies.

Earth energy: the consciousness flow of Gaia, the sentient being that is our planet. Her energy is our Natural lore. Ecosystems, when undisturbed, create abundance in vibrant harmony. There are self-purifying systems, magnificent recycling systems, life creating and life supporting systems just awaiting for the chance of their lush expression of beauty and abundance.

The lesson – an invitation to awaken

The Mirror: so what to do with the manifestations in the external that irritate us? Consider using them as a mirror, to investigate how do you personally relate to the thing that irritates you – what are your norms and values? Your opinions? Are they old, learned, adopted? Or have you investigated them before, made them your own? Can they be updated? Have your opinions and values changed? And now how do you react? Do you need to react? Instead of “being offended!” perhaps you can just flow freely, in a relaxed manner, following your own stream of consciousness, navigating our reality out of the storm in peace? If we don’t engage in stupidity, it looses power. It’s an active, well thought-out choice, and at the same time a challenge, I know.

Let’s talk about these things together and re-activate your Soul mission!

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