In a world full of “news”, how do you know what you can trust? How do you discern truth from smokescreens and lies?

Sometimes we stumble upon a piece of news that we dearly want to believe to be true – even though our gut feeling tells us otherwise. The mind is charmed by the message that aligns with our hopes and beliefs. And excitedly we tell it on to others, because sharing valuable information is a kind of social glue.

Dear young jedi, witch, wizard, spirit worker – it takes discipline to keep your mind at bay. The mind is gullible. What you tell it, it takes on, like programming.

So train your mind to be strong, open and questioning.

We have to find another way.

Where does your inner lie-detector reside?

In your Heart? Sort of – your Heart is connected with the consciousness field of Gaia, so yes, partly. But your sharpest, keenest, strongest intuition sits in your hara – in the womb for the women, for the men about two inches below the bellybutton and inward. Here is the home of your intuition and creativity, your wildest senses.

We’ve become a tad too civilised.

It’s time to re-wild ourselves more – walk barefoot in nature. Listen to the wind, the birds, the water. Exchange telepathic messages with plants and animals. Re-connect with our natural humanity.

You have to get it in order to see it” said a past local hero Johann Cruiff (football champion and coach from Amsterdam). And you’ll get it when you turn your intuition on.

So. Toss out your tell-a-vision, connect more with your Self, your fellow human beings and with nature. By exercising this hara-muscle (so much fun!), your bullshit filters will be in an impeccable shape in no time.

Want to read more about intuition? Check out the How Intuition Works – guide!

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