Plant Spirit healing and communication

Things are starting to make more and more sense, every day now. Outside, in the World, the old and spent is crumbling. Inside, all that always was, is growing stronger, the dots that once lay scattered in all wind directions, now connected, coherent and powerful. Things need time to ripen. But wow, what a wonder-full journey this Life is!

How I found my way to Plant Spirit healing

As a child, I got inspired by some books about witches, elves and herbal healing, and went looking for the herbs, since I thought they were the most likely of the three to find. My dissapointment was great when I only found bleak, dry, chopped-up kitchenherbs in the small glass jars of my mother – none of that mighty potent stuff I was expecting!

Fast-forward to adulthood and studying herbalism. It felt like a homecoming and yet…something was missing. It wasn’t until I followed an internal nudge and wrote ‘plant spirit healing’ in the search engine. Promptly, I found myself of the website of Eliot Cowan and was sobbing of recognition mixed with relief – THIS was what I was searching for, all the time! I bought his book, read it twice at full speed, with an ocean of emotions sloshing inside of me… Since then things have calmed down a bit, but I still marvel at the accuracy of the description of this path that I somehow seem to share with him, in my own fashion.

What IS Plant Spirit healing?

After a long intro, we come to this question. The short answer is: relationship. The longer answer; it is a reciprocal relationship between the human and plant kingdoms, a co-creation of sorts, where we do our best to help and heal each other.

The healer has an intimate relationship with specific plants he or she works with. A certain sensitivity for interspecies communication is needed, in order to sense the needs, wants and suggestions of our plant brothers and sisters. An understanding of the human – a divine Soul within a bodily vessel – is also needed, and on both paths, the herbal and the human, the learning never stops.

During my herbal studies I slowly grew amused about the fact that it is so easy nowadays to “order some herbs from the net”. The amusement was not from my current Self, but of an older incarnation, who first was amazed, then amused about this phenomenon. As I inquired into what is so funny about it, this old wisdom inside me told me that the herbs aquired this way, are lacking magic.

To make magical objects or really potent medicine, the creation occurs in a relationship between the maker/healer and the ingredients/source elements. And magic, I’ve come to conclude, is an integral part of our natural state.

But I’m branching off…

Establishing relationship

So how do we, then, court plants?! Well, if you think about what you, as a herbalist usually need… you’ve actually come to take away plants or parts of plants. How do you justify that to the plants??

Here’s the way I usually proceed if I actually need to harvest some plants – not saying it’s the only nor the best method, just sharing what feels good to me.

I first go to a spot where I know this specific plant grows abundantly. I go at a time that is right for the harvest (season, time of day, some also check how the moon is doing but I’m not a keen believer in the moon). I go alone, paying attention to the energies of the place. Sometimes their mood is calm, often it is quite joyous, as if waving to a friend. But then again, these are places and plants I visit regularly. I seek out the Grandmother plant, or one of the elderly, of one of the tallest, strongest plants, if it’s a plant family (as with Yarrow, Achillea for instance). If it’s a tree, I’d communicate to that one tree. Asking for permission to take some plant material, showing through my Heart – this is telepathic communication with dreamt-up images and emotions of the body – what I’d need it for. As I’m communicating, I’m looking around, checking if everything is allright for the species – is there enough space, light, water…how are they doing, are there any threats from other plants or animals (insects?) for instance. Or from a hot, dry sun. Or too much wind. If there’s anything I can remedy, I try to do it as soon as possible.

Usually the answer is an allowing ‘yes’, and with the grant most often comes also a sense of where it is best to take. Best for the plant (family), best for the growth management and/or best for the best medicinal qualities. I take, as much as I need/is allowed, in gratitude. Sometimes the answer is ‘no’. That what I was seeking at this spot is reserved for other beings in nature that need it more, or if its a tree, I might have encountered a grumpy personality. I respect that and move on.

Some herbalists bring gifts, or sing a song in exchange. I like to tend to the spot, tend to the plant friends and their surroundings, usually having a little chat with neighboring plants or animals as well.

This is why these plants are so dear to me. It’s not just “let’s grab some herbs”, but a relationship. In quite a few instances now, I don’t need the plant material, but connect with a plant spirit directly, during an energetic healing for instance. They are then briefly stepping in for a specific reason, energy center or organ in the clients’ (energetic) body. Nature knows her stuff, organic is compatible with organic, energy with energy, spirit with spirit.

Be curious

These relationships, nature connections, are awaiting around every corner. Nature is rich in her expressions: plants, animals, minerals, elements, energy. Learn your basics (and more) about establishing healthy boundaries and keeping your energy field clean. Be respectful. And then, play!

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Here’s also a Live Q & A video about Plant Spirit healing and communication for you to listen to:

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