3 Biggest Pitfalls in Life and how to avoid them

As we’re navigating our Soul Path here on Earth, we come across some difficult dilemmas, as our Heart disagrees with what the Mind has learned in the past. Now would be an excellent time to re-evaluate these three subjects – what they really mean for you, and how you might adjust your choosing from now on.

  1. Money

We’ve learned about money: the more the better. And yet, as numerous studies conclude*, there is a limit to the rising curve of income-and-happiness-relation, at a certain point it goes downhill no matter how much money one shovels in.

(* to investigate further: you could do an internet search on “happiness and wealth study” or a similar term)

There are many ways to look at money. What is your very own association with money? Is it a friend or a foe? Do you associate sensory qualities with “money”, like warm/cold, fluffy/hard, a sound perhaps?

I now see money as a warm, nourishing, golden energystream, and the exchanges I make, as energy exchanges.

I think it’s important we all investigate our thought patterns around money, find out what our own vision on this phenomenon is, if we’re happy with our vision and if we want to bring any changes to it.

(read on: Ken Honda “Happy Money”)

cure: Reciprocity

I can’t say this with absolute certainty, but I think money doesn’t exist in nature.

If you look at nature and its economical transactions, what do you see? Ecology. Reciprocity. Give-and-take. Bartering. Abundance, and at the same time: closed loops, nothing goes wasted. The flowers ‘reward’ the pollinators with nectar for their services. Seeds and nuts are desirable for certain animals, so that they will carry them further. Trees and mycellium have mysterious interactions underground, transferring information to unknown distances, in exchange for nutrients.

What happens when your neighbor comes to your door with armfuls of harvest from their garden, gifting a part of this abundancy freely to you? I bet your first reaction is joy, then gratitude, and then you start plotting how to repay this gift. Reciprocity!

Gratitude, honoring the life-giving streams of nourishment and abundance, diversity, returning the favour (with interest, if possible)… It’s time the pendulum swings towards the natural values again.

2. Power (status)

In the old, patriarchal paradigm, “we” were suckers for hierarchical status, power over others. This lead to all kinds of nasty behaviour, from lying through manipulation to betrayal. As I couldn’t fit into the pack, I much more preferred to be a lone wolf. From a distance you see things in a clarifying perspective…

I came across this brilliant article about True Leaders, “Alpha Dog: Not a leader, but THE leader”, written by Ray Dorgelo from Canine Efficiency. In a conclusion: “There are many leaders, but not many true leaders.” Dogs/humans – when it comes to leaders, we’re all animal. If you are a leader, or would like to be a leader, read the whole article.

To me, “power” when referred to in context of human relations, is a term of the past.

Enter the word “respect”. As all-equal human beings we respect one another in a natural manner. Self-respect is an important part of the equation, resulting in healthy boundaries… The kind of respect that one speaks of with hand on the Heart, is the kind of respect that we can only earn.

cure: Relationship

We all know people who promise to do and be all kinds of wonderful things, but never show those aspirations in their behavior, and at their worst, they do the contrary.

On the other hand, there are numerous wonderful humanbeings who live with integrity and compassion as their lifestyle, without ever saying much. Keep a keener eye on the silent ones, there’s much to learn there.

All of our relationships in the world start with the relationship we have with ourselves. From there we can expand. Enter the next chapter!

3. The Quest for True Love (& the best sex)

The fairytale partner, our prince/princess, in modern day terminology our Twin Soul – who somehow always seems to be just beyond reach?!

While “love at first sight” or “recognising the One” do exist, I’m afraid our quick fix, dating-app society has moved into a storyline where we’re looking for the Perfect Partner, forgetting that we’re all evolving, learning humans.

My dear husband had cured his loneliness way before we met, by giving himself that what he sought in another. So. Let’s stop projecting our longings onto other people, and take our responsibility for truly becoming friends with ourSelves.

cure: Being Love

You can’t give from an empty well. And you certainly can’t “fix” other people. So fix yourself instead, that’s the most sustainable thing to do. Learn to know yourself, not just well, but thoroughly, deeply, intimately – find out what makes your Heart sing (it’s poetically put, but really dig deep into that), examine what are your shadow sides and why.

And give, give, give your Self that what you yearn for. Be a good parent and/or lover to your Self. When your well of recognition and Love is filled – by the true connoisseur of You, yourself – when the ego has been investigated and patted on the head for the domestic (?) animal it is, then you can Be Love.

It will probably not always be easy, but once you know how the better vibe feels, you know when you’re on track and when not, and if you’ve done it once, you can always trace your way back to being Love.

Would you like to finally get going on your Soul Path, or explore Spiritual nooks and crannies further, in order to understand Life better? You’re very welcome to Spiritual mentoring.

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