How To Navigate Difficult Times

In the assumption that I’m not the only one who finds this year particularly challenging, here are my top 7 coping strategies that I’ve found to be most helpful.

Sleep & Nourish: Like little babies, we also thrive when we’re well cared for. Be your own loving parent, and make sure you get those hours of sleep, napping at odd hours if need be. Check what you’re eating and drinking – would you find it okay if your child consumed those things? If the answer is yes, you’re doing well.

Meditation & Mindfulness: These two go hand in hand. The more you meditate, the more succesful you’ll be at being mindful when you’re not meditating. Taking responsibility for what is yours creates more peace in the world. Also your calm will inspire others to heal their own stuff – instead of projecting it onto their surroundings.

Sensory: When it all gets too much and your mind and emotions are such a jumble that meditation isn’t an option, turning to the sensory helps heaps. Dancing, making music, creating arts and crafts, baking, cooking and gardening all fit in this category. Closing your eyes and enjoying the golden sunshine on your skin is an outdoor “activity”, mindful walking ( “How does my footsole meet the ground? What do I hear? ” ) even more so. Be inventive, or stick to your all-time favourites.

Beautify: “If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your home” is a Chinese proverb that I can relate to through experience.

You can do space clearing, feng shui or just clean up and shuffle things around. The main thing is that you cleanse and re-arrange the space you’re living in, refreshing the energy. As you move things around, you’re updating the energy patterns around you according to your current (evolved!) consciousness. Do this in your room, home, garden or at micro level, on the desktop of your computer… and then, expand :)

Discern: After meditation and mindfulness – taking responsibility for your own healing* – the next step in the input-output flows would be to discern what you welcome into your life. How much external noise are you willing to let in? Are your relationships reciprocal enough for you to feel things are in balance? Keep your bulls@%t detectors fully charged and on.

Connect: Living in isolation is fun for a while ( introverts & hermits can relate ), but in the long run our wells are filled and our cup runneth over. When you can feel the overflow – Love – connect with people you trust. After all, we learn and re-member by interaction with each other, and that’s precisely why we – or the most of us – are here!

Gratitude: The instant relief to any feelings of lack, jealousy, frustration and impatience is gratitude. Try keeping a gratitude journal: every evening write down 3 to 10 things (or more) you’re feeling particularly grateful. Every morning read what you’ve written before going to bed, and so the gratitude keeps on flowing, replenished and refreshed daily. Try it out!

*Taking responsibility for your own healing doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. It is the willingness to see that not everything is perfect ( no one is perfect! ) and that there is room for improvement, growth, expansion, steps forward. I offer energy healing and spiritual mentoring, and am very much looking forward to supporting you on your journey!

How to navigate difficult times

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