Birthing the New

An article about personal desire, Source flow, external factors and everything coming togetherand about the art of directing our future towards a more desirable outcome through crystal clear choices.

To begin with

Here we are, in challenging times, where the Old crumbles around us, winds of change blow hard, and a new way of being is pressing to push through. I’m going to start with the most acute bit: THE MORE YOU CAN RELAX, THE EASIER IT WILL BE. If everything else fails, sleep. Guard your energy. Get your meditation. Allow change, you are growing. Avoid alcohol and drugs (things are trippy enough without). And: as a natural human being, you are powerful beyond your imagination.

Now, to the article, A personal story:

I speak a lot about visualisation and following your own Path because that is how I navigate my own life. It’s about answering to an invitation of sorts, a whisper from my intuition. In the beginning it will be so subtle that it needs focus, a silent lean-in. But if I ignore it long enough, it becomes a loud roar, and eventually can cause damage on the physical level if I don’t pay attention. I’m clear about what I want (and don’t want) in my life.

Some say: “intuition – so that is from you, from your ego. Persona.” Is that less valuable or less right than floating in the here and now, welcoming life as it comes? I believe we all come with a mission and equipped with a rudimentary life path map, and they both manifest in our life as intuitive longing.

Intuitively knowing (or thinking to know) what you are supposed to experience in this lifetime is a blessing and a curse. I’m having a great time when the flow of life delivers exactly what I envisioned for, and am frustrated beyond words when it doesn’t. There are basic reasons for getting or not getting what you want and I’m aware of them now.

I’m a firm believer in the Source and its ways (= welcoming life as it comes), but I also believe that there’s always a way to shift things in a more favourable direction.

And there it is, the magical word – “the way” or the path. In daoism, “dao” translates as “the way”, which refers to the Natural way, living in balance with the flow of Source energy, travelling the path of the least resistance.

There is a fine balance between having an urge, a wish, a desire from within, and the right timing to manifest that dream. I’m big on pushing my will into manifestation, but it won’t go through before the timing is right. So I have had to learn to wait for the flow of life energy that does take things further to manifest itself. Patience. Tålamod in Swedish. Tåla-med-mod = endure with courage. Which might translate into Trust.

When is the time right? When the manifesting of dreams, intuitive longings is natural. It’s like a blossoming. It flows with its own logic, without us really doing it. Magic. Suddenly the window of opportunity is there, opening up like a portal. And then you have to have the guts to do what it takes, jump in to this new vision and ride the wave.

I’m getting a feeling many of us are in a portal of sorts at the moment. Trying to make sense of the world, of life, of the next steps to take.

The mind won’t give you satisfactory results at this moment, there is simply too much information out there to process, with too many deceptive storylines. Of course we try to discern what is True and what’s not in the information storm, but the mental weather is erosive now, it will probably depleat your energy.

The key question is not “what is true?” but “what is true for me?”. We’re evolving – as individuals, as a collective and as a world. What rings true to you? What is your vision? Try visualising, and make it the best vision imaginable. That way, you are tapping straight in to your blueprint, the Soul Path map you came here with. Many individuals, powerfully tapping into their vision that comes from within their own Source-connection, will lift the energy vibration and expand our world and how we experience it to a new, lighter level.

The art of directing our future towards a more desirable outcome through crystal clear choices

It all begins with knowing what you like, and what you don’t like. And then having a blast with choosing anew. After being quite abstract and out-there (wafting my hands in the air as I speak), I’m going to take the story into the ultra-practical for a while:

Where do you shop? Multinationals are cheap and easy, but local and small businesses is more sympathetic and your investment in them is making a real difference – for the local business owners, for our local communities and ultimately, for how our future will look like as a whole.

Where do you hang out? The hard core natural humans don’t do social media :) I do, but I’m gravitating towards privacy-friendly platforms, as main channels heavily limit the freedom of speech, direct our sources of information and thus form the opinions of the masses (“programming humanity”).

Every choice is a creative step towards the future, no matter how small that choice is. So yes, your creativity matters. Tap into your passions and joy, make a real effort to live the life you always wanted. Be brave. You are not alone. I am not alone. We are supported – by invisible support AND the whole natural humanity AND by our future selves.

Dimensions – 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond

Have you seen the films ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, ‘Matrix’ or ‘Dr. Strange’ ? There are probably more movies where people jump-fly and open up portals out of thin air, but those things are what I’m pointing at: when I saw these things happening in those movies I thought “Heck, I can do that, but I just forgot how to! “.

These are shifting-times, we’re moving dimensions as individuals and as a collective, and it’s not going particularly smooth. I’m trying to be mindful of the dimension I find myself in. Sometimes I experience the old, 3D, with its heavy energies, edgy opinions and polarised views. Not much fun there.

Sometimes I experience what I’m guessing is 5D with it’s infinite, expansive Light energy and the endless creative possibilities, a lightness, yet full of powerful sense of being so very alive, potent, playful and experiencing being a Creator with a capital C.

And sometimes I’m experiencing a funky in-between, the limbo of 4D that is so very tiring in its flippy timeline shifts, rapid visions, downloads, emotion gusts like a storm wind tearing at my grounded core.

So, checking: where I am now, now and now. Consciously adjusting my pace, “the height of my flight”. Going slower. Rooting deeper. Expanding my enegy field. And taking my rest (as the energies speed up).

Check in by your Self. How are you? What do you feel? Take the time to realise you are a Sanctuary within your Self and honor that. Step into the magnificence of the unique (!) spark of Source that you are! What do you need? Give your Self that. And when you’re ready, let’s roll up our sleeves and get in to creating a new world!

If you’d like to reflect on matters one on one, the mentoring sessions are just the right place for that. Read more about mentoring

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