Uluru activation

This is my report of what I saw, taking part in the Uluru activation

Coming into the meditation, I saw so many lightworkers active – meditating, taking part in this activation from all over the world. A dense network of shining lights, all over our Earth! It took me a while to ride out this first wave of joy and awe.

I then shifted my attention to our ‘work at hand’; to establish a Rainbow bridge between the Sun and the Heart of Gaia with our attention and intent. As soon as I focused on this ‘task’ I realized I had been invited in just to witness, to see this wonderful phenomenon take place. And arch of Rainbow Light extended from the Sun to the Heart of Gaia, flooding this loving, joyful, high frequency energy into Gaia – flooding, for it was filling a cavity, a hollow space that had fallen out of order, re-activating its self-charging core.

It took a while for the space to fill with Rainbow light. When it was done, the Rainbow bridge connection remained in place, as an active ‘humming’ connection but not pouring in anymore, just being there, alive. The energy grid of Gaia lit up, the golden streams of energy flowing from the Heart along the gridlines all over her re-activated body, and as that happened I sensed hundreds of beings or people jumping up and down in joy, singing and shouting excitedly – it was an exhilarating moment to witness, sharing the huge wave of joy !

The golden light energy flooded the grid, the sacred places, reactivating them. The whales took notice, the big birds of prey became joyful, people with a connection to the Land felt the shift of energy, like a gush of wind but then within the Land, as a great wave of vital energy gushing forth.

Big landmark trees became fountains of chi energy. Dragonline hills glistened with the magic. Mythological creatures settled contently to guard the sacred shrines once again.

In the end of this meditation I became fully immersed in golden light, as the energy extended its way from the gridlines, from the land, to us, the children of Gaia, flooding our Earthly bodies, filling each cell with this energy upgrade.

A bit high with energy and emotion, I sat down to write this.

21.12.2020, Amsterdam


  1. Wat prachtig ! Krijg er tranen van blijdschap van in mij ogen. The golden years zijn aangebroken
    Dank voor het delen lieve Nina

  2. Dankjewel lieve Hilde!! En nu is het (ook) aan ons om met deze geactiveerde energie te gaan werken, samen met Gaia! :D This is the time we came for… Blije high fives ;)

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