Five Elements: Water

Water, the element that envigorates, sprouts new life, flows, nourishes, cleanses and creates new paths.

We’re in the season of Winter – the time of dark, deep, still waters, snowflakes and ice. Where the rush of life is frozen, suspended in a dream. As the deep rest replenishes your resources, your Spirit may wonder – what would I like to create in this coming season? What do I wish to see in my life?

The World has gone crazy, I agree. But we don’t have to go crazy. Root. Ground. Come back to your Heart center. Again: what do you wish to see in your life? Take the steps you can in the direction of your dreams. Create a better life! Everything is in a flux anyway, and I’m feeling this is a very fertile time for all kinds of new creations!

Back to the Five Elements, Water. It is associated with North, ancestors, wisdom, an agile mind (fluid water) and mental strength. Water in Nature reflects (!) to us about our ability to adapt, to change, to flow and to overcome obstacles.

So – sit still – it is the time of visionary dreaming – and dive those shiny pearls from the deep waters of your Soul.

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