Integrating the new

I’d like to share an inside view of the recent developments – perhaps finally understanding the two sides of the coin impatience/trust – in the hope it will speak to your Soul and nurture your Life.

Update: My story is about ‘positive change’ this time. I’ve added an update in italics about ‘negative change’ in some of the paragraphs.

Instead of the ever-burning itch to see that what I’ve envisioned ” happen already! “, trust kicked in, thanks to Soul-searching, induced by winter rest, and grounding and widening my beingness through the happenings around the winter solstice – and by grace. Instead of poking around in what-might-be, a quietly curious, still, calm leaning-in to what-is took place, listening to the echo’s of a future quite nearby.

Sometimes change derails our daily life, arriving completely out of the blue. We didn’t see it coming, we certainly didn’t ask for it and yet, adversity arrives...

As I listened in silent focus in order to sense the subtle vibes, a new flow kicked in – I felt its strong pull and let go of the past. I let go of the desire to control. Jubilating the wonder of a palpable chi flow that floated us forth as if we were small chips of wood on the foamy currents of a strong river. I’ve felt it before, and was exhilerated to feel it again. The mighty flow of change.

Was it divine timing? Was it me relaxing into a different modus, tuning into a more spaceous vibe? A bit of both, I guess.

I’m not a Master of allowing. After some time, tension crept in, doubt. The pressure of uncertainty grew unpleasant. As I turned inward for advice, the Soul and the guides lovingly (and laughinly) said “relax! allow!” – and I opened the gates of trust again and allowed the strong current to flow freely.

Inner laughter at wonder-full meetings. Giddy nervousness as my energy soars high, fast and strong, and I try to ground, to slow down my pace, to root… “And why don’t you just allow it, he bubbling happiness?” asks my talking- and walking friend as I describe the crazy vibes I’m trying to manage. And I laugh and skip and it feels good.

Adversity is asking us to stop what we were doing, and to pay hommage to…what was, to change, to our values. To pay respect to what is dear to our Heart, to choose anew – clear, alert, from a wiser perspective. Adversity hurts, because it cuts through things and hones us while doing so. Adversity throws us in the loving arms of our Selves, of Source, of the Divine, and asks one thing only: our attention.

Integrating change

Life happens, change happens, and we need to adapt. Young animals, humans included, adapt quite easily. But the older we get, the more rigid we grow, and we need to be mindful of allowing change to transition smoothly – or as smooth as possible…

So how do we integrate change?

We make space in our time; we throw schedules and plans out of the window, and allow the brilliance of living in the here and now.

Mourning and picking ourselves back up again takes time. We cannot skip over parts of mourning, nor fast forward, shortcut or magically transform pain into no-pain. We have to go through the hurting, because it has a lesson inside. It’s certainly not a punishment or bad luck that has come our way, it’s a part of Life and Life’s lessons, teaching us about ourselves, deepening our understanding, giving our character more dimension.

Make space in our energy; expand! Try to create a ‘full void’ within your auric field… expanding your personal space as wide as you can right now, creating a new, wider space, which would be a void, a vacuum, but you fill it with Potentiality – with creative, alive chi energy, the kind of energy that holds the keys and sparks to mysteries and magic.

With adversity there’s also a void, one that is aching sometimes so bad we’d do anything to get out of it. It might feel as if your world imploded – somehow it was larger and now it has shrunk, leaving you, hurting, at the center. Try to allow the space anyway, and to fill it…with the magic ingredient, Love.

And we make space in our mind; adapting a beginners mind, wide open, expecting nothing and ready for everything, ready to learn.

Create spaces for the new to land and settle in, at all the levels mentioned above, and even in the physical – make space wherever you can. There will be whirlwinds of questions and new things – these too need space.

Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. Change isn’t easy, but it can be an adventure.

And as we appreciate, the things to appreciate pile up in front of our eyes! “Every little thing you do is magic…” ;-)

These are times of great change, mondially. Try to relax into the change – allow, seek the flow and use these potent times to welcome a higher level of experiencing Life. Safe adventuring!

Would you like some mentoring on your journey? I’m here to journey at your side, “reading the map” – but it is you who is making the journey…

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