Magic and Mysteries

Let’s dive in to the true meaning of Magic and Mystery. These two words have suffered an inflation of their meaning due to inaccurate use, but let’s contemplate them – what do they imply to you? ( Do take a moment to ponder upon this before reading further! )

For me personally, Magic is the creative force that flows through us. The more inspired and focussed we are at our work, the more Magical the act of creation becomes, and thus the object of creation as well. Magic, in terms of chi, would be yang, masculine.

Mystery, for me, is my partner in this dance of Life. Mystery is the divine timing, the kind of circumstances, meetings, connections, gifts and sensations that make me gasp in awe; “I couldn’t have dreamt this up!” (and I can dream!). Mystery, in its form of chi-flow, would be yin, feminine.



We, Natural Humans, are Creators. Our creative and artistic skills sometimes surprise even ourselves. There’s something quite satisfying about the Inspiration Idea; “I wonder…” and then following that curiosity, watching that initial spark grow into a tangible thing, a fragrance, an artefact or a soundscape for example.

I’ve always been interested in the energetic qualities of things, next to their utilitarian and aesthetic quality. A machine-made thing might be perfect in its looks and finishing, but it lacks energetic quality. What I notice again and again, is that factory made things simply aren’t satisfactory. They lack personality, warmth and spirit. Whereas a rustic table might seem quite ordinary at the first glance, until… until you feel its energy and realise it has been infused with strong energies – by its maker, former owner or …?

Magic – creating something intentionally is an outward flow. The Maker, creator, is anchored between Heaven ( Source ) and Earth ( Gaia, our Nature Mother ) and in order to create truly beautiful Magic, we create with our hands, from the Heart, which also is the anchor point of the two energetic parents.


As a young adult I found “passively waiting for things to happen” so boring that I couldn’t bring myself to patience. I would shake things up, move them, push, pinch, nudge and tease until things moved.

With time, I’ve learned that even though it might be totally possible to force change – through manipulation or sheer willpower – the energetic/karmic quality of this kind of creation is always negative. It is destructive, wounding, throwing Life out of harmonic balance.

Waiting for the Mystery to step in and allow the flow is so, so worth it. Not only is it non-violent, but also abundant, beautiful and blessing at the same time. Mystery brings us awe and gratitude every single time.

I’m curious – what are your thoughts on Magic and Mystery? Let me know in an email or leave a comment for a more public conversation.

PS. Interested in investigating your own paths in Magic and Mystery? Let’s meet in mentoring!

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