Exploring the Liminal (fear, balance, creation)

The space between awake and asleep. Hedges, the edge of a body of water. The turning of seasons. A relationship, changing status. Dusk, dawn.

The liminal states and places are dynamic, intense, full of potential. The situation is not static, but the opposite thereof – it is changing, morphing, creating itself continually.

Did you notice – we are living in a liminal time right now?

While the changes occur at a breath taking speed, remember: there is huge potential in every heartbeat of this time. Every now-moment is a chance you can harness in order to wield your magic of creativity.

Trying to think your way through to the future will not work so well, there are too many variables. And yet, there is a way to navigate even this chaotic time of change.

Your Heart is the seat of your Soul, the portal to the Spiritual essence of Life and yourSelf. Shift your attention from your head to your Heart, make this your focus, to re-calibrate your everyday living from thinking to connection, feeling, knowing…being You.

Fear paralyses. There’s a lot of fearmongering out there at this present time, and as long as you keep on looking at those messages, you’ll be fixed by them, like a wild animal staring into the front lights of a fast approaching car in the night. And not only paralysed, but also your energy vibration will drop significantly because of fear.

This liminal time has infinite potential. By choosing your next step, action (or non-action), your new direction with your Heart, you can’t go wrong. Be visionary. Be creative! Because your higher Self, the bigger You knows who You are, and knows what you came here to do, your Higher Self also knows what the next right thing is. But how to connect with this all-knowing higher Self? Go inward, it is the portal to direct, intuitive, strong knowing. The center point of focus…is in your energetic Heart.

This is YOUR LIFE. Your story. Your choice. Your creation. What do you want your future to be like? Start creating it, now.

Re-center. Connect. Create. Repeat.

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