Rooting strong

As I walk our dog Rajah in the early morning, our route takes us to a point where we always pause; at the gate of a pasture where we can let our eyes scan over the land beyond the hill ridge, into the blue haze of the horizon..

As we stand, a sweet waft of scent catches my attention, along with the intense buzzing of bees. We find ourselves under an old linden tree, that is offering its nectar flow for the fuzzy flying friends to enjoy.

I got curious about how the tree might be experiencing the tickling visits of all those bees. I’m feeling the tree’s energy field. It is vast, easily encompassing me and Rajah as well. The bees are doing their kissing-dance with the tree, visiting the linden flowers…I feel the tree wants to tell me something, and I put my palm against its rough trunk.

“Hello, my human-friend. I notice you wondering about all this giving, and I wanted to say something about it.” I feel how the branches sway in the soft wind…through my palm.

“You feel my branches, the flowers, the bees. But before I can give all this nectar to the bees, I have to grow strong roots. Can you feel-see them?”

I let my attention search under the ground, and follow the strong roots anchoring this magnificent being firmly into Mother Earths’ lap. The tips of the roots far beyond us, and deep, deep in the dark soil, peacefully, gently pumping up water and nutrients.

” Before you give your nectar, grow strong roots. “

I thank the tree, hug him, and the next day I return with a bottle of water, pouring its contents on the ground at the base of the linden tree. Thank you.

I’ve been rooting strong in the past one-and-a-half years – for the first time in my life I feel like I’m growing roots – it’s a deep and nourishing sensation without many outward signs, save smiling and singing more.

Many of us are accustomed to moving house every so often, packing up and leaving the old behind. The new is exciting, yes, but we always take the weather with us… and a fleeting lifestyle is somewhat erosive for our connection with the land, with Mother Earth and her Natural lore.

So here I am, digging into the soil, swaying softly with the winds, gazing at the stars, basking in the sunlight. Waking up to the first song of the blackbird at twilight, falling back to sleep for a while, only to wake up into a full blown concert of birdsong a bit later. Working with nature – smelling the rain in the wind, carrying heavy loads, strengthening my body. Eating from the vegetable garden…and the small, soft fruit, giving thanks again by bringing water. Embodying a long-cherished dream, living it with gratitude.

And today I thought “What an odd thing to give years numbers. I think I’ll switch to real talk – last year was the Year of the Late Frost, No Fruit, Pissing with Rain. This year…this year is the Year of the Cherries. I’ve never seen so many cherries in my life! And as the temperatures soar, the cherries ripen and I pick them, marvelling at the plump, shiny shimmering of the fruit in all kinds of shades of cherry-red, from orange to black. The chicken make their soft sounds around my feet, enjoying the feast of fallen fruit.

If you can, follow your dreams and find the soil where you can blossom and bear fruit. This doesn’t have to mean moving house (although it could), but it has got more to do with being mindful of your own energy – what is your current energy vibration? What does your Life look like, according to this vibration? Who are your Tribe in this – new, current – chapter of your Life?

The Magic is amping up again. It has its ebbs and flows like that… The last 18 months were quite physical, transitioning from the old to new, through matter. It is time to return to creativity and the Spirit realms! A new offering Life Map Readings will be published soon. It will accompany the golden oldies, energy healing and spiritual mentoring. You can read more about them by clicking on the links.

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  1. Everthing direct from the heart, fully connected with nature and its endless energy! Beautiful sharing of experiences that shows us that there is a total equality of energy in the universe.

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