Your soul path; free choice, destiny or law of attraction?

As we navigate the calm and sometimes wilder waters of our lives, from time to time this question pops up; how much can we influence the course of our life’s current?

Let’s get philosophical and ponder upon this question from different angles. I’ll throw in my perspectives for you to chew on and form your own opinion.

There’s a stark difference between the American self-made-hero mentality and the Hindu viewpoint of karma; one states that you can become anything and anyone you want, if you just put all your focus and effort into it. The other believes that your present life is pretty much set in stone, pre-destined by the karma you’ve built up or worked away in your previous lives. These core polarities work their ways through many shades of belief-systems that have been fed to us throughout our lives by our parents, tutors, peers and the society we live in, effecting our mindset, often at a subconscious level.

Take a moment to reflect on where you might find yourself on the this vast scale of shaping your own Life – do you make the decisions that direct your future, or do you let Life decide?

On the other hand we have Affirmations and The Law of Attraction.

Affirmations are a kind of self-hypnosis, you telling yourself that your life IS (now) how you would like it to be (in the future). A simple first step could be to create a moodboard, selecting from a lot of images and assembling an image, the moodboard, that appeals to you. The yearnings of your subconscious emerge from this one image, newly crafted by you.

You could then choose to write down your affirmations and put them somewhere you see them often – on your desktop, on a mirror, on the fridge door. Always write in the present time format and aim for the greatest, strongest, best affirmation you can imagine and feel it could be so. Since everything is energy, by affirming your subconscious that things ARE such-and-such (as you would wish them to be), you’re raising your vibrational state (your own energy field), and just by a mental exercise allowing your energy field to relax and expand, allowing higher vibrational ‘things’ – situations, people, experiences – into your life. This is the Law of Attraction – you can only expect things that are aligned with your current energy vibes.

This is why hoping to find the perfect partner to fill your lack of company will not work. The energy of lacking will only pull in ‘hungry’, needy people and situations. You need to ‘believe it to see it’ in the words of Abraham Hicks; feel it as it is already so ( fun trick; give yourself that what you wish for ) and your vibes will attract situations, people and things accordingly.

There are a few pitfalls to affirmations and law of attraction; the Source (where everything comes from and where everything returns to) doesn’t know the negation of anything. So scrap the negation; no no’s, wishing for something to end, stop, to be no-more – the Source will just give you more of that what you wanted to negate, since it doesn’t have the word ‘no’ in its vocabulary.

And another pitfall; you can’t fool energy. If you’re affirming “I’m super attractive” but you’re not feeling it, you’ll just be feeling miserable and a fake – and by default you’d be inviting in experiences that amplify the feelings of being a failure.

This leads us to ‘fake it until you make it’, the quirky tool of bluff. Can you bluff yourself into feeling self-confident and cool in a situation that, if you’re super honest, actually scares you? Well congratulations, you’re expanding your Life by bluff! Totally acceptable and effective, just don’t overdo it and become a fake flake. Moderation is a virtue.

After all these mindgames Life throws in a curve-ball; no matter how much we’d like to be able to control, effect and shape Life, things happen (or don’t – you can’t force Life to manifest something right now just because you want it. Or yes, you can, but then you’ve just manifested yourself a huge life lesson that will make you a more humble person. Don’t ask me how I know). It’s up to us to allow, surrender, relax, trust and the most graceful gift of them all, to lean on the support that is there in the form of family, friends and/or Source energy. No matter the what the situation is, you never have to face Life’s challenges on your own. And at the same time, yes, you’re expected to do the very best you can in every given situation. Sometimes your best is putting in all the effort and focus you’ve got. Othertimes doing your best is the very challenging task of trusting your intuition and allowing the abundant stream of Love energy to enter your Life.

So to conclude my philosophical pondering from my point of view, your Life, as like everything in Nature, is a wild mix of elements intermingling and effecting each other in a wondrous, creative, magnificent symphony. When we take a step back and observe it from a distance, we can see the grace and the glory of Life and just sigh in awe.

Now it’s your turn. Take your Life, your Soul path and study and observe it, learn.

Would you like to look at your soul path together with me? Welcome in mentoring, looking forward to meeting you there!

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