Personal blossoming

Everything in Life has its time, its seasons. So does the multiple, ongoing unfolding of You.

After a long wintersleep my attention gently got kissed awake by the sprouting seeds that I had planted. My attention and awareness steadily grew together with the seedlings, destined for the new gardening season.

As I was tending to the new growth of green, somehow the nurturing and care got mirrored back to me as well – inside of me, processes were taking place, forming petals inside of a bud if you like, to allow blossoming later in spring.

And now the buds are opening, the blossoming is here, in its natural time.

It is the sensory knowing through my body (and not the perceptions of my mind) that intuitively checks in to the flow of this moment, right now, and accordingly follows the natural rhythms of action and rest, interaction and solitude.

This is so effortless it is hilarious: the contrast with all the struggles of trying to accomplish things at the wrong time is obvious, huge, grotesque. Information is now seeping to every cell in my body, saturating every minuscule particle of every cell. I AM. Not the body. Not the mind. But This. Self. Consciousness.

“The information” is intuition, skills, abilities, connectedness, knowing… I’m trying to describe with words a state of Oneness that I had experienced before for shorter periods of time during satsang and retreats, but then it got covered up again with the chaos of Life. Now it’s as if, ever so gently, one sentence (“Perhaps you’ve been searching in the wrong direction”) and admitting the Truth of it, flicked a switch. A gentle, soft…”click”.

And I’m on. Consciousness inhabits me truly, it flows right through me and radiates out of me. Life is effortless. I still carry groceries and cook of course, I do my things and search my mind for words when writing this blog. But the pressure, frustration, pushing, forcing…is gone.

From experience I know that I might forget that I always already knew. But then I can re-read this post 🙂

There is a time for everything.
Trust me; if it doesn’t work out now, then this is the time for something else. Relax. Go with the flow of Life.
Rest when you’re tired, eat when hungry, play when you feel like it. Enjoy Life.

PS. I’m SO excited to announce that I’ve found a wonderful space to give the Ayurvedic massages at!
Find out more on this page -> Ayurvedic massage: deep relaxation and increased energy


Out of balance – an alternative Mothers’ Day post

Earth, our Planet is our Family and Home. You and me and the whole human race – we are the children of this Earth.

But we’re cranky, unwell. Like angry teenagers, we’re cutting ourselves off from the support net round us, from our Planetary Family (Mother Earth, our uncles and aunts the Plants and our brothers and sisters, the Animals) and we’re feeling agitated, lost, insecure, stressed out and very, very confused.

“When I get into that mind-state, that paradoxical dilemma where I feel stuck and frustrated…it feels as if my head gets six times as big as it should be. And my chest becomes all clouded, dirty and troubled.”, I told my dear sparring sister on Skype.

She adviced me to make a drawing of that state, and then, after that would be finished, to add a loving Mother to the picture.

So I followed her advice, and the clarity came as I was drawing.

As soon as I spend too much time in the artificial world of computers, smart phones, asphalt and media obesity, I get this feeling of being separate, cut off from belonging, my mental actions run rampant and my (energetic) head swells up to extraordinary proportions. I get grumpy, hard and negative.

But all I need to remember is that Mother (Earth, Nature) is there – always. She lovingly embraces me even when I don’t notice it.

I’m like that stubborn teenager. I need to soften, relax and open up. To rest in the arms of  this omnipresent Love and re…calibrate. Come back to my own Nature, to my own balance and my pace. Return to my calling, my flow, my way.

And from there I can participate in Life in a meaningful way again.


Find your ceremony of re-balancing. Remember to return to it regularly. I call this ‘mothering myself’.

Help others to do the same. Refill your well of inspiration, then see what participating there is for you to do in this interconnected global Family of Life.

Get rooted, in you. Get Loved, by Nature. Open up and belong.








Enhancing the chances – part 2 of Nature spirits

nature spirit
my little one, dressed up and naked at the same time – with some Photoshop magic he’s turned into a nature spirit 🙂

Let’s pretend you’ve warmed up to the thought that nature spirits exist, and you now want to attract them into your surroundings – because you like a touch of magic, enjoy the thrill of a possible encounter, or you want to enhance the energy of nature (any nature!) around you…or all of the above. Nature spirits as neighbors? I like that.

So how does one go about attracting nature spirits into the garden? Or the backyard even?

Anything that beautifies a place, by sound, light or carefully placed natural elements is pleasing for us and for the nature spirits.

Faeries like bells, so a wind chime with bells with a high tone would be appropriate. Wind chimes with bamboo, low bells, shells or stones have their own ‘vibe’ and will attract their own kind of folk.

Water is an attractive thing to nature spirits. A natural stream would be ideal, but a shallow bowl with clean water is also beautiful and effective. You could consider creating a nature altar, with a water element with it.

Spirals, labyrinths, small constructions with natural materials will all work.

Attractive stones, erected or piled on top of another work well as a focal point for nature spirits.

Small caves in rock and hollows in wood are natural altars that one can beautify further as a warm welcome for nature spirits.

And they do like friendly attention. Leaving a self-made gift, a flower-gift or some food and drink are thoughtful tokens of attention, and will be appreciated.

You can also walk/dance/meditate in your garden and call to the different wind directions:”Spirits, you’re welcome! Come, come!”… ringing bells, rattling rattles, drumming or playing a flute as you do it.

(I found this last option ‘a bit too much’ until very recently – but then I experienced it myself in a shamanic ceremony and found it magical and mighty powerful, so yes, do what you need to do!)

Below you can find some visual inspiration, harvested for your creative impulses from Pinterest. Enjoy!


Pan playing flute to the animals (artist unkown)
Japanese buddhist shrine
altar in garden
Inga Hunter; Four Amulets
Milli Vedder; Balance







Nature spirits

Nature spirits, do they exist? Or is it just a fairy-tale, told to children to grab their attention? If they do exist, why don’t we see them or hear from them?

Elves, gnomes, nymphs and their kin do exist, but we don’t see them because they’ve withdrawn to another dimension that is parallel with ours (vibrating at a higher level than ours) since we humans stopped believing in them – we’re not interacting with them nor showing respect to their presence and homes.

You can read about a meeting with a water nymph here.

If you want to see (or sense) nature spirits, you need to tune in with your attention to the place you’re at – it’s a bit like turning the dial on a radio. Our everyday activity-driven mind is too noisy, fast and skipping on the surface of things in order to notice these subtle beings.

But when you quiet yourself down, open your senses to your surroundings and approach the natural world and/or old buildings with a gentle curiosity you just might find a world that has been unseen for the most of us for some time…the length of that time depends on your cultural back ground, I guess.

I can imagine there are people who want to know why one would connect with nature spirits – why bother?
Because they’re a part of the web of life, just as we are – and the rest of the organic World; the plants, animals, stones and stars.
We can communicate with nature spirits in order to help them, to ask them to help us or to consult them before we do modifications in their living habitat, and to enhance a natural space energetically.
And so, in connecting with nature spirits, we strengthen the bond between the human race and the rest of  the natural world, and help healing us and Gaia, our home planet.

So, do go out there and find your spot of faeries (most likely to be found around hawthorn and elder), water nymphs (you might see them even when you don’t see water since underground wells are invisible to us!), gnomes, tree dryads, elves of specific pieces of land (guarding a garden or a meadow for instance), air sylphs and so on. But stay away from trolls and neck since they are up to no good for us human folk.

You can read more about nature spirits in this book.

As always with spirit-work, protect yourself first, be curious but not foolish and stay away from trouble.

And if you need any help, I’m available for interspecies communication – also with nature spirits!




The alchemy of duality

(Part two of …balancing of two)

We often experience Life through the lens of duality. We either like or dislike things. We find something attractive or not. Tasty or unappetizing. Simple, daily stuff.

But then; we want to hold on or change something, like, now. We love passionately, yet are attracted to our freedom. We’re attached to a certain image of ourselves, and get hurt when others challenge it. Pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow, excitement/bleak boredom. Duality 2.0 .

You can use the dis-ease to identify that what is troubling you (before it energetically works on your body and becomes a disease).

A universal fact is that everything changes. Life flows like water in the river of our lives, and trying to freeze a beautiful moment because we want to hold on to it is as foolish as it is frustrating.
If you can find the calm and peace to just observe that what is, you can begin to see the (apparent) reality for what it is, without mental judgement or upsetting emotion. In fact, all that matters is here, in the present moment.

From this calm place of just being and observing you might choose to start exploring your restlessness again. What caused you discomfort? When? And most importantly, why?

Universal fact number two: you can’t change anything else but yourself (without being violent). Let’s pretend I’m out in the forest and sit down without first checking where I’m sitting, and land my butt on an ant colony. Uncomfortable. Now if I’d be shouting at the Universe that someone had better move that ant colony since I’m in discomfort…? So again, observing and acting accordingly are the way to go.

But sometimes everything is just too much and we feel pain and discomfort and are too tired and/or emotional to act (wisely).

Here’s a little clue from Eckhart Tolle: pain is an alarm clock in order to awaken you.

Something needs to change. It could be your perception (of the situation, its nature and/or yourself), a call to action (stand up from the ant colony!), a small adjustment or a total game changer. Enter: the alchemy of duality.

When you stop fighting pain or discomfort and allow it to enlighten you, you have the potent, active power to change the idea, situation, viewpoint, outcome and your feeling about it. Talk about some powerful alchemy!

I encourage you to playfully investigate the challenges that Life throws at you. It’s all for the good of your evolution and thus for the evolution of the Planet. Let’s play!





Spring equinox, Ostara – and the balancing of two

The equinoxes – spring and autumn – mark the two days in a year when night and day are equally long. For a moment there is balance and then in spring-time the Light, growth and life take over and it all becomes one ecstatic outburst of life energy again.

Ostara is the pagan/wicca name for this festive day, when the Sun overcomes the cold winter and blesses the Earth with flowers and life. It is a feast of fertility, sowing seeds, and new beginnings.

Within this day also lays a deep philosophical-spiritual seed. For one day, the duality of light and dark is in balance. When I think about light and dark, the taoist symbol of yin and yang springs into mind, with its white droplet and black droplet swirling around each other, both containing a point of the other within them.

Yin stands for dark (shadow, night), feminine, mysterious, passive, soft, flexible and horizontal – yang for light, masculine, logical, active, hard, rigid and vertical.
These dualistic qualities catch my attention because they are manifesting everywhere, as aspects of Spirit, or One.

You can play this observing-game with what you find around you. Shall I show you how?
I’m in a female body but my soul is somewhat masculine…analytic, yet intuitive. I love the Sun, but will not shy away from looking into the shadows.
There’s a tension between a culturally learned passive, bending, waiting quality in me, and my own natural tendency to instantly jump on things that grab my attention.

You can go on and contemplate on yin and yang in you, your life and your surroundings for days on end. Please do! It’s more constructive than watching TV 🙂
But. That is not the point. The point is to see that the yin-yang is a full circle. It is complete, containing the two, both containing each other.

If you see and appreciate that everything in Life is an expression of life, something you’ve attracted into your field of experience in order to learn – and if you allow it to flow through your being as such, as an experience you learn from (…I’m going to follow my natural tendency and jump into conclusions here ) then, if you’re not fighting against that what life brings you, nor trying to grab it and pin it down – in that case Life will be rich, natural, meaningful, easier and in flow.

Just in case you think I’m advocating passive surrender to painful things, here’s a little sneak-peek: next weeks’ blog will be about the alchemy of duality.

Happy new beginnings!



Choices – a 5-step action plan

choices - a 5-step action plan
walk on or sit down? bask in the sun or explore the shadows? curious about what’s around that bend in the path…or is this how far you dared to come this time?

It is election day here in the Netherlands. I’m following the events with a keen eye.

After a rain of words and opinions, an impression lingers. But what strikes me, is that it is the political person him or her self, who alters that impression in a split second – strengthening it in alignment, or wiping it out in its hollowness.

It all boils down to integrity. Are they playing the Big Puppetgame, wearing masks and playing out roles, or really following their inner Truth, going for it, putting themselves out there for a future they’ve envisioned?

This game of vision, integrity and action also plays out in our own lives.
It’s much easier to daydream the ultimate, perfect stance and lifestyle than live it when the going gets rough.
There are expectations – from the society, spouse and parents (in no particular order here), and our wish to meet those expectations in order to fit in, support others and fulfill those decades of support and expectation.
And then there’s our own grand vision, inner Truth, the Soul path nudging at the sleeve, inviting into an adventure to the great unknown.

What to do?

  1. Take your time, don’t rush it. Fear is a bad advisor. Panic is fear. Haste is fear. Wait until the tension/urge relaxes, breathe in it. Ride out the wave. When you’re relaxed you can see, hear and act wisely.
  2. Step out of the tunnel vision. Things on this Planet are never black or white, but an abundant palette of millions of hues, tastes and variations.
  3. Drop the ego, pride, stubbornness. You know what counts? Contribution, interconnections, love.
  4. Listen to your gut and to your heart. Pay careful attention to the limits they give – for they know.
  5. Be courageous. When you think the direction you’re headed at is right, go for it. With an open mind, vision and heart.

Bon voyage!

Interested in a guided journey on your Soul path? Take a look at the Soul path online program, coming out later this spring!

choices - 5 step action plan





Spring Forest

I felt it was time for a new soul support scent, and went on to creating a grounding, invigorating scent that would open the senses for new opportunities, challenges and adventures ahead. It took more time than I had expected to get that olfactory mental image from my ‘inner smell’ into a bottle. But, finally: success!

It is a composition of woody, green scents with hints of fruit and flowers.

It’s actually meant to be used in an aroma lamp to scent your living space with, but if you head to the soul support scent page, you’ll find out there are more methods to enjoy the scent as well.

Wishing you sunny (early) spring days, enjoy!


Tiny things matter


In this time of global restlessness and personal insecurities and/or perspective shifts, I’d like to share some words of re-assurance: you’re not alone. You’re not the only one feeling it.

If you’re at all in flow, aligned with the energies of this Planet of ours, you’re going through a major shift, together with Gaia. It’s like she – Gaia, our home planet – is one gigantic living organism, and we, humans, are smaller organisms on Gaia. A bit like the bacteria in our own gut, and we’re somewhat rampant at the moment, causing an inflamed condition to Gaia…

Herbalism strives for balance. We, collectively, need some medicine that will calm us down, bring us into equilibrium with our ecological home. I’d like to prescribe meditation and introspection.

Doubt the old dogmas, question the ways society has been organized in the recent past.

To catalyze this shift, you might play the following alchemical game: testing the elements of society with the scales of your Heart. How do you feel about authority? Hierarchy? School? The way the care for our children and elders is organized at the moment? Food industry? The use of pesticides? Plastic? The condition of our oceans? The burning of rain forests?

I can get raving mad when I notice that utterly insane practices are seen as ‘normal’.
And, like many I guess, I want to do something about it. I want to fix it, right now.

I wanted to start a revolution. Throw over ‘the system’, replace the dysfunctional pieces with organic, loving solutions and sing a high pitched angelic tune while at it.
But I didn’t know where to start and nearly imploded of frustration (as an introvert I can come over as a calm person, but the people close to me know there’s a volcano in me, more or less dormant).

And then I realized the following: Like a seed has the blueprint of a fully grown tree or other plant in it, so do you: trust your inner knowing to take the first step, then the next, then the next, and grow into your fuller Life.

So that’s what I’m doing: re-organizing my life to better match the changed values and view points, one thing at a time. Taking the irritation and (emotional) pain as signs of faulty structures, following Love and happiness (hippie lingo, I know) as the direction givers, like the Sun is for a plant.

My ‘fetching the future into the here and now‘ method seems to be working. The tiniest details amount to a new reality. Where I previously considered that the possibility of nature spirits and ‘talking with animalsmight happen, these long-forgotten realities are now a fact to me. Old insecurities dissolve, inner knowing and trust in my own compass become the new default mode.


PS. If you wondered what those tiniest seedlings are, they’re Campanula rapunculus, a new plant friend to me, hopefully gently swaying in the summer breeze in my garden this coming season.