Energy healing

These are remote healing sessions.

During an energy healing session I enhance your own, native energies and remove possible blockages, so that you can experience a much smoother and stronger flow of life energy (chi).

with energy healing we can:
… re-balance and enhance the life energy (chi) in your energy body
… remove blockages, cords and entities
… remove debris (toxic arrows, energy implants etc) from your energy body
… find answers to questions which you can’t solve by thinking ( channeling spirit guides and Source )
… travel in time to find answers and to heal situations connected to your personal/family story
… ask for Plant Spirit healing
… and more

What you can expect

I’ll need a recent photo, your first name and approximate location to connect with you. And an online platform that you prefer / we agreed upon :) We usually begin with a short chat, but if you’re shy or uncomfortable with audio/video connection, it’s not required. After this initial chat we go off line.

I then proceed into the energy work. You can sit in meditation or lie down on your couch, bed or yoga mat for example, possibly covered with a blanket to keep you comfortable.
It can be interesting for you to tune in and sense the healing as I am working. But you can also meditate, take a nap or just rest.

I’ll be remote-viewing your energy body, and working at an energy level; clearing out any blockages or foreign matter, healing and enhancing your own, native energy. If needed I will also make a (shamanic, in spirit) journey for you in order to find information, to remedy things and/or to retrieve messages or spiritual symbolic tools for you.
This is a short and compact description of the things that can happen during an energy healing session.
Every healing is unique!

After the healing I immediately proceed to writing out a report – a description of what just happened.
You get the transcript of the session via email, and a notice that the email has been sent.

If you have any questions about the transcript (if there’s something that is not clear to you), feel free to ask!

location: everywhere

What others have to say about the sessions:

I was in a feeling and experience far better and in many ways deeper than I had expected, I had a feeling you were good……but this was quite something else…..beyond that, difficult to explain….you sensed….were spot on things, things that had been lost since a long time, and you gave suggestions on how to work/deal with them. I always felt safe & secure with you, in very good, knowledgeable and experienced hands. This is to be continued.

Tanja, Sweden

It felt so incredibly good to finally come to someone who actually understood what was “wrong” with me. After countless visits to “western doctors”, without any luck, Nina was able to pinpoint the problem. Which, of course, was not physical. The road to recovery isn’t easy or instant, but Nina gave me the tools to work with to get better.Nina is someone who wants to see you get better and will do everything in her power to help you.

Signe, Sweden

“Looking for a spiritual mentor was a logical next step in my spiritual development. I didn’t have a clear idea what exactly it meant but knew it was going to help me. I already had a good feeling about Nina during the introductory meeting. She saw me, really me. And her clear explanation of her role as a mentor felt right. I experienced the gift she has in the first healing we did. She has cleaned up a lot in my energetic house and that feels good. She has very… Read more Arian, the Netherlands

Arian, the Netherlands

” Sometimes you come across people who carry unique wisdom. Nina is such a person, I am happy to have met her. She has the universal wisdom in herself; she can easily empathize with me, and she sees crystal clear what I need and know how to communicate (spiritual) advice with both feet on the ground in a clear, pure, light-hearted and often humorous way! “

Wendy, the Netherlands

“When you have your remote session [energy healing] with Nina, you feel like she’s right there next to you. With her accurate insight and vision, she’s able to pinpoint whatever the issue might be – and even unearth any underlying causes. She has the energetic tools and experience to clear and bring to balance what is most needed for your situation, and she’ll check up on you all the way to make sure you feel supported. Definitely recommending you’ll experience her sessions for yourself!”

Mia, the UK

Een paar weken geleden heb ik een healingsessie op afstand gehad van Nina. Van tevoren bespraken wat vragen van mijn kant. Daarna begon de sessie en ik voelde de energie van Nina met mij aan de slag gaan toen ik op de bank lag, het voelde rustig, liefdevol en heel fijn aan. Ik voelde dat Nina met mijn chakra’s aan het werk was.Het duidelijke verslag dat ik na de sessie kreeg van Nina beschreef wat zij was tegengekomen en maakte voor mij een aantal zaken helder en ook kreeg ik… Read more Hilde


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