Energy healing


Energy healing means healing someone (or a place) on an energetic and spiritual level.
The effect then ripples through to the more tangible levels of emotion, thought and the physical body.

You can often sense the healing-work in your body as I’m doing it, either as envisioned colours or lights, or as sensations in the body.
These sessions are very effective even at a great distance – you can receive the healing where ever you are.

In an energy work session we can:
…re-balance and enhance your energy
…ask for Plant Spirit healing
…travel in time to find answers and to heal situations connected to your personal/family story
…remove energy blockages
…remove (foreign) debris from your energy body
…find answers to questions which you can’t solve by thinking
…and more.

An energy work session often begins with a chat, live or at a distance (via an online platform) in order to connect with each other and to orientate towards a specific goal. After the chat we turn all machinery off.

I then proceed in silence (off-line) into the energy work, you will be sitting in meditation or lying down on your couch, bed or yoga mat, possibly covered with a blanket to keep you comfortable.
It can be interesting for you to tune in to the healing with your attention, and to be aware of sensations in your body during it. But you can also meditate, take a nap or just rest.

I’m remote-viewing your energy body, clearing out any blockages or foreign matter, healing and enhancing your own energy. If needed I will also make a shamanic journey for you in order to find information, ‘fix things’ and/or to retrieve spiritual symbolic tools for you. Every journey is unique.

After the session I let you know the session is over (at a distance: via an online channel that we have agreed on) and I then immediately proceed to reporting – orally or in text, depending on the setting – a description of what just happened. In the case of a written report, you get the transcript of the session via email.
If you have any questions about the description (if there’s something that is not clear to you), just ask.

location: everywhere, see the description above

investment / energy exchange:
€ 90,- / session for private persons.

I also have offerings for businesses regarding energetic healing!

You can contact me to make an appointment or to ask further questions.


Here you can read what others have to say about the sessions.
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“When you have your remote session [of energy healing] with Nina, you feel like she’s right there next to you. With her accurate insight and vision, she’s able to pinpoint whatever the issue might be – and even unearth any underlying causes. She has the energetic tools and experience to clear and bring to balance […]