A meeting of deeper spirituality and being the true you, in an informal , intimate setting (max. 3 participants!).
Gatherings with your kind of tribe, real heart-to-heart meetings, getting together and tuning in. We “fill our own well” , get insights and inspiration, and get empowered to follow our own, natural flow.

With personal growth, spiritual development, questions, answers, humor and becoming still.

the Gathering
We gather together to talk about personal growth, gain inspiration and get insights.
Supported by a peer group that goes deeper in their quest of discovering the mysteries of Life. So good!

When is it?
Every second Tuesday evening of the month at 20hrs CET.

Reserve your place with the date you’d like to attend. Due to very limited places, please be considerate of signing in only when very sure you’ll be there for the Gathering. It’s possible to reserve only one spot at a time (after the Gathering you can reserve again). Thank you!

What does it cost? In order to make the Gathering accessible for everyone, it’s based on donations. Feeling abundant? A strong flow, great! Your stream is a trickle? A drop will suffice. Thank you. You can donate, at any time that works for you, here.