A meeting of deeper spirituality and being the true you, in an informal , intimate setting (max. 12 participants).
Surprised about how close ‘my kind of people’ are when I come out of my cocoon.
Gatherings with your kind of tribe, real heart-to-heart meetings, getting together and tuning in. We “fill our own well” , get insights and inspiration, and get empowered to follow our own, natural flow.

With personal growth, spiritual development, questions, answers, humor and becoming still.

the Gathering
We gather together to talk about personal growth, gain inspiration and get insights.
Supported by a peer group that goes deeper in their quest of discovering the mysteries of Life. So good!

the Gatherings are on pause at the moment

Who is it for?
the Gatherings are for mentally stable people from 14 to 150 years, who are genuinely motivated to understand Life, and their role therein better.

–> You can read more (a blogpost) about the Gathering here <–