Holistic massage


Energy balancing massage is a  holistic massage that focuses on the energy flow (chi) of the body, resulting in deep relaxation and increased energy, invigorating the body and spirit at the same time.

Based on the Ayurvedic tradition, I massage with warm plant-based oil and healing hands, in intuitive connection with the communication of your body – I can “hear” the messages of your body and help it to break through blockages and to flow more naturally again, resulting in deep relaxation and better vitality.

The deeply nourishing base oil is selected according to your personal needs and the season/weather we are having.
From my background as a natural perfumer (aromatherapy) and holistic healer, I like to use the appropriate essential oils in the massage, in a mild dosage (new clients: please send a recent photo and your first name for mixing your personal massage oil!).
If you prefer to have an unscented massage, that is also fine – just let me know.

The Ayurvedic tradition recommends a full body massage every 6 weeks to keep your body vital and in the flow, but it’s totally up to you if you wish to follow the recommendation or not.

As a woman, I have a preference to massage women only.

duration: around 1,5 hours relaxing and invigorating massage

location: Yoga in Abcoude, Hollandse Kade 3, Abcoude

investment / energy exchange:
€ 90,- / session

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the holistic massage is not always recommended: if you are ill or have had an illness very recently (+- 3 days) and immediately after a meal it doesn’t feel good to be massaged. Also if you have or are about to have your period, your body feels more tender (and is a bit puffy), and it is more difficult to get the intended effect of the massage.

Cancellation of a session:
if you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible in order to free the space for another! Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged 100%.

What is it like?
The massage room has a peaceful atmosphere, helping you to tune into your Self and to relax. The massage takes place on a massage table, the undressed ( underpants can stay on ) client rests under large towels that are your cozy covering. The part of the body I’m working on gets uncovered, gently clapped, kneaded, oiled and then massaged. The whole body gets treated this way, with the exception of the erogenous zones. I massage mostly in silence or with some meditative music on the background, but if some communication sparks off, that’s fine too. The massage reaches deep in the tissues of your body, but it is not painful.

After the massage you can rest for a while to ‘gather yourself’. You’ll be offered a towel for wiping off the excess oil. It is a good idea to wear clothes that can handle some residual massage oil, since it’s advisable to let the oil be soaked up by the skin as much as possible.

Drink a lot of water and preferably some ginger tea (taking small sips) during the rest of the day in order to flush away the toxins that have come free from the bodily tissues during the massage. Also it is advisable to eat some dried fruit (sweet and relatively healthy) in order to contribute to the healing, nurturing action of the massage.