Mama Bear mentoring offline


You want to grow in your understanding of your Self, Spirit, Life and healing, and step into your Power.

Mama Bear is my mentoring offer, with hands-on energy work, one on one mentoring and and in-between email support. It is a journey into your inner world, connecting it with the web of Life.

In three months you get:

  • a take-in meeting to assess the starting point and to set your goals (at the beginning of the first coaching)
  • 3 x spirit mentoring including energy reading ( 3 x 1 hour )
  • 2 x energy healing massage (1,5 hours per time)
  • 3 x e-mail support in between the sessions
  • during the mentoring program you will get suggestions for further reading and study in your personal direction

“What can I expect?”

It is my heartfelt wish that you get out of any pressing situation you might be experiencing, and that you find your way back to your Soul Path where the flow of life is tangible and you can just float along and enjoy participating in the creation of a better world.

To reach ease, I listen deep – to your words but also to what your Soul is telling me. I can assess energy structures – the energy body, ‘see’ which path feels like the right choice, clean out space and time and so on – through shamanic viewing (remote viewing / intuitive seeing). The energy healing massage relaxes and vitalises the body by opening up the energy flow in the meridians of your body. The Gatherings are wonderful eye-openers, group sessions where you will experience that you’re not alone with your stuff, and be the student and the master for each other.

This is the offline version of the mentoring offer. Looking for the online mentoring? Find it here.

Investment: € 475,- ( or 3 x 170,-)

For your questions and for reserving a place, please email me.