heart connection mentoring

Are you ready to grow your awareness?
Navigate back to your power with Heart connection mentoring.


photo by Nadine Maas

What more might Life have to offer, what kind of delightful treasures?
What kind of unique talents do you have in you?
How do you navigate the right direction, and how do you keep finding it back?

Mentoring is a helpful tool when it comes to taking important steps in your life.
In these one-on-one sessions we dive into the material of your essence.
We identify possible blockages so that we can get further, we discover insightful treasures and map out the path of your Soul.

In order to reach these goals we connect with the Heart, and we make use of deep dialogue, listen to the intuitive knowing ( communicating with Source ) and set our course in a better direction.

My role in these sessions is to be the ‘map reader’ for you, you are the one making the journey. I shine a light at things that, until now, perhaps weren’t visible and I am at your side as you explore your very own worlds.
I present to you what I see from the spirit side, but it is up to you if and when you apply the advice given into your life.
And no, we don’t use any hallucinogenic substances, Life itself is magical enough!

The mentoring sessions are very helpful at situations when you don’t know which direction you should take, or hesitating about decisions for whatever reason present in your life right now.

Businesses also benefit from Heart connection mentoring with issues such as envisioning, organisation and relations.

Investment/Energy exchange:
30 minutes, € 49,- *
60 minutes, € 98,- *
90 minutes, € 135,- *

*incl. VAT for private individuals, excl. 21% VAT for businesses.

Location: Abcoude or anywhere via online channels

Please contact via mail if you have questions or would like to make an appointment.

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“When you have your remote session [of energy healing] with Nina, you feel like she’s right there next to you. With her accurate insight and vision, she’s able to pinpoint whatever the issue might be – and even unearth any underlying causes. She has the energetic tools and experience to clear and bring to balance […]