Sunday, 10th October
The Gathering: theme; weaving your kind of magic – why the answers lie in you

You already are it. You don’t have to look for it outside yourself. Turn your attention inwards, and you’ll find all the seeds and seedlings of your power, the sources of inspiration for all enthousiasm – within you!

In this Gathering we’ll talk about the inner power and the paradoxal “actually-I-already-know-it but I think I don’t”- thought…and of course the ways to reach your inner magic. We’ll also explore the most reoccurring blockages and how to tackle them.

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with energy healing we can:
…re-balance and enhance your energy
…ask for Plant Spirit healing
…travel in time to find answers and to heal situations connected to your personal/family story
…remove blockages
…remove debris from your energy body
…find answers to questions which you can’t solve by thinking
…and more
You can read more about the energy healing here.
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