Plant Spirit healing and communication

Communication is; the exchange of information between sentient beings – or with the collective consciousness of a group.

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We humans talk with each other, but how does one communicate with an animal or a plant? The exchange happens by making a connection with each other and communicating on soul level. This is how, also in nature, different beings communicate with each other, and how shamans can connect with the spirits of animals, plants, elements (rain for example), but also spirit allies, ancestors and each other.

With Plant Spirit communication it is possible to be in dialogue with a plant, or a plant community (“the Rosemarys”) in order to exchange information. You can read an example story about the spirit of a Spruce tree, here.

Often, as I’m working in the garden, pruning or removing a plant, I feel/hear the shock from the neighboring plants – “What are you doing?! Will that happen to us too?” – and I communicate immediately, in order to soothe them “I’m pruning this branch/plant because it is taking up too much space here. It is also growing there-and-there, where it has much better place for itself. I’m doing this for the living space and light for the rest of you, and I’m doing it as carefully and painlessly as I can.”

In Plant Spirit healing I’m giving an energy healing session, and sometimes I come across a disorder of which I know there is an effective herbal remedy for. The choice is then; to recommend the client the herbal remedy, or to ask a Plant Spirit to do the healing in the energetic dimension.

I don’t make this choice as the person Nina, by pondering/considering the situation in my brain, but I choose in the soul connection state, the shamanic state, and as the question arises in me, immediately the answer appears from the Spirit world, thus not “as thought”. If it should be a herbal remedy, I “see” the remedy in my consciousness, and if it is a Plant Spirit, I “see” it standing before me and taking over the healing and continuing it for me. I have to have had a personal Heart connection with the Plant Spirit before – it is an act of reciprocity.

Plant Spirit healing can be given during the energy healing sessions.

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