communicating with life all around you

interspecies communication

What does that magnificent tree in your neighborhood want to tell you? Are there a nature spirits on your property?

Interspecies communication is something that happens in nature all the time. It is very natural.
Often we humans are too busy in our heads, talking to ourselves, and we don’t hear what other living beings are trying to say.

I’m communicating with plants, animals and places in my surroundings on a regular basis, and am very grateful for the experience and the insights I get.
It is a silent dialogue with relaxed, intense focus, and a lot of listening.
It is also possible to communicate about things that are going to happen, in order to explain our intentions to our surroundings – for example: the reasons for cutting down a tree or transporting an animal.
When I communicate my intent and my reason to do so (and listen to the counterpart), things often go much more easily, with an air of acceptance, collaboration and peace.

Spirit consciousness is present everywhere and everything has a spirit.

Even though the communication usually is successful, I can’t guarantee you get the results you’re expecting.
It is against my integrity to make up a story to please… I will channel the communication as it is given to me, and tell you if there’s no communication at all.





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