Soul Path mentoring


Ready to step into a more evolved version of your Self?

Let’s work with energy, spirit, your visions and intuition.
Navigate back to your innate power with Soul Path mentoring.

What more might Life have to offer?
What kind of unique magic do you have tucked inside you?
Let’s find out!

In these one-on-one sessions we dive into the things that play out in your life, and work our way through possible blockages, find insights and map out the path of your Soul in this lifetime.

We use discussion, intuitive knowing ( communicating with Source ) and envisioning.

My role in these sessions is to be the ‘map reader’ for you, you are the one making the journey. I present to you what I see from the spirit side, but it is up to you if and when you apply the advice given into your life.

The mentoring sessions are very helpful at situations when you don’t know which direction you should take, or hesitating about decisions for whatever reason present in your life right now. This also applies to businesses!

30 minutes, € 49,-*  or a double-session for some deeper digging: 60 minutes, € 98,- *
* incl. VAT for private persons, excl. VAT for businesses

Location: Abcoude or anywhere via online channels

questions and booking:




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