a deeply meaningful get-together


What is The Gathering?

The idea for a meeting of deeper spirituality and being the real you was born from my own surprise about how close my soul sisters and -brothers are when I come out of my cocoon.
And from the urge to share with each other about issues such as:  personal development, choices and the bigger picture, intuition, bravery, experiences, what the season we’re having brings up in you (and what to do with it…) and so on.

Once a month we gather together.
To tune in to the moment and to explore what is happening in the group and in the season, here and now.
To share with the talking stick in hand, and then listen to others.

These are informal afternoon-gatherings with tea and a snack, a real heart-to-heart meeting, to see and hear each other.
Will you bring your Self, your attention and something delightful to share as a small snack?

Every 2nd Sunday of the month, from 14.30 – 16.30.

Who is it for?
the Gatherings are for mentally stable people from 14 to 150 years (I hope I made the margin wide enough at the end), who are genuinely motivated to understand Life, and their role therein better.

–> You can read more (a blogpost) about the Gathering here <–

Looking forward to seeing you on:

Sunday 20th May (exceptional date due to school vacation)
Sunday 10th June
Sunday 8th July

€ 10,- / gathering

Location: Yoga in Abcoude , Hollandse Kade 3, Abcoude

If you wish to organize a Gathering with your group at your place and would like to have me there, get in contact!




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