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The Gathering

The idea for a meeting of deeper spirituality and being the real you was born from my own surprise about how close ‘my kind of people’ are when I come out of my cocoon.
And from the urge to share with each other about issues close to our hearts.

Each Gathering has a theme, and there are two special flavors of Gathering.
Next to the “original” Gathering that has everything to do with personal development and Soul Path, there is also the Green Gathering and the The Magical Gathering.

The Gathering (original version)
Sunday 3rd February
Sunday 14th April

The Green Gathering is for plant lovers: permaculture people, herbal healers, food forest friends, keepers of healing gardens and all people with a strong love for the green world.
Sunday 19th May

The Magical Gathering is for energy workers, good witches and wizards, shaman healers and ->>>the whole rainbow of people who feel drawn to taking part in active healing of our planet and its inhabitants<<<-
Sunday 3rd March
Sunday 23rd June

These are informal afternoon-gatherings with tea and a snack, a real heart-to-heart meeting, to see and hear each other and to exchange information.
Will you bring your Self, your attention and something delightful to share as a small snack?

Dates as above, time from 14.00 – 16.00.

Location: Yoga in Abcoude, Hollandse Kade 3, Abcoude, (the Netherlands).

financial contribution for organising: your donation ( a loose guideline : € 12,50 / gathering )

Email me for your reservation!

Who is it for?
the Gatherings are for mentally stable people from 14 to 150 years, who are genuinely motivated to understand Life, and their role therein better.

–> You can read more (a blogpost) about the original Gathering here <–






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