Space clearing

At times around big Life Events – birth, death, rites of passage and when you’ve bought or are renovating a property – it is wise to perform a space clearing. Why?

The spaces we live in – home, office or workshop, place of spiritual practice, car, the land we live on – are dynamic energy fields that get affected by our vibrations as we go on about our daily lives. Our surroundings absorb the subtle energies on a day to day basis. Perhaps you know from your own experience, when stepping into a room where something ‘big’ just happened, the energy lingers in the air, as if you could cut right through it.

The energies in our living surroundings, in turn, affect us on a day to day basis. And just as with a good spring cleaning around one’s house, it is wise to do a space clearing whenever you want to start with a clean slate or to shift energies to a higher, more spaceous level.

I’m performing Space Clearing on a 30km radius from 63330 Saint-Maigner, France.

Please contact me for further information. It is helpful if you could tell me the following within your query;

  • where and why the space clearing is required
  • the surface area of the space clearing
  • the available dates with an indication of morning/afternoon you would like to have the Space Clearing done.