Spiritual mentoring

photo: Roger Brendhagen

Ready to speed up your progress? With mentoring you move through your development much faster than you would, figuring things out by your Self.

In mentoring sessions we unravel potent questions, such as…

… who am I really?

… what are these sensations, and what can I do with them?

… what are my talents and how can I best implement them ?

… how do I navigate towards personal freedom and fulfillment, and how can I keep finding my way back on track?

… how do I do spiritual housekeeping on my Self ?

… you can also use such a session to brainstorm / evaluate ideas together

In these one-on-one sessions you explore your true essence and Life.
We identify and tackle possible blockages so that you can relax and expand more. You can expect insights, tools and techniques and a more clear intuition as a result from these sessions.

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Who is it for?

The mentoring sessions are for mentally healthy people* from 14 years and older, who want to learn more about their true Self and to find out more about living their potential more fully.

( * You may have gotten a “label” from someone who has an opinion about you, while you yourself know that the label isn’t valid, you’ve been misunderstood. Trust your own judgement, after all, you are the true expert on You!)

location: anywhere via online channels

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What others have to say about the sessions:

It felt so incredibly good to finally come to someone who actually understood what was “wrong” with me. After countless visits to “western doctors”, without any luck, Nina was able to pinpoint the problem. Which, of course, was not physical. The road to recovery isn’t easy or instant, but Nina gave me the tools to work with to get better.Nina is someone who wants to see you get better and will do everything in her power to help you.

Signe, Sweden

“Looking for a spiritual mentor was a logical next step in my spiritual development. I didn’t have a clear idea what exactly it meant but knew it was going to help me. I already had a good feeling about Nina during the introductory meeting. She saw me, really me. And her clear explanation of her role as a mentor felt right. I experienced the gift she has in the first healing we did. She has cleaned up a lot in my energetic house and that feels good. She has very… Read more Arian, the Netherlands

Arian, the Netherlands

” Sometimes you come across people who carry unique wisdom. Nina is such a person, I am happy to have met her. She has the universal wisdom in herself; she can easily empathize with me, and she sees crystal clear what I need and know how to communicate (spiritual) advice with both feet on the ground in a clear, pure, light-hearted and often humorous way! “

Wendy, the Netherlands

“When you have your remote session [energy healing] with Nina, you feel like she’s right there next to you. With her accurate insight and vision, she’s able to pinpoint whatever the issue might be – and even unearth any underlying causes. She has the energetic tools and experience to clear and bring to balance what is most needed for your situation, and she’ll check up on you all the way to make sure you feel supported. Definitely recommending you’ll experience her sessions for yourself!”

Mia, the UK

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