Enhancing the chances – part 2 of Nature spirits

nature spirit
my little one, dressed up and naked at the same time – with some Photoshop magic he’s turned into a nature spirit :)

Let’s pretend you’ve warmed up to the thought that nature spirits exist, and you now want to attract them into your surroundings – because you like a touch of magic, enjoy the thrill of a possible encounter, or you want to enhance the energy of nature (any nature!) around you…or all of the above. Nature spirits as neighbors? I like that.

So how does one go about attracting nature spirits into the garden? Or the backyard even?

Anything that beautifies a place, by sound, light or carefully placed natural elements is pleasing for us and for the nature spirits.

Faeries like bells, so a wind chime with bells with a high tone would be appropriate. Wind chimes with bamboo, low bells, shells or stones have their own ‘vibe’ and will attract their own kind of folk.

Water is an attractive thing to nature spirits. A natural stream would be ideal, but a shallow bowl with clean water is also beautiful and effective. You could consider creating a nature altar, with a water element with it.

Spirals, labyrinths, small constructions with natural materials will all work.

Attractive stones, erected or piled on top of another work well as a focal point for nature spirits.

Small caves in rock and hollows in wood are natural altars that one can beautify further as a warm welcome for nature spirits.

And they do like friendly attention. Leaving a self-made gift, a flower-gift or some food and drink are thoughtful tokens of attention, and will be appreciated.

You can also walk/dance/meditate in your garden and call to the different wind directions:”Spirits, you’re welcome! Come, come!”… ringing bells, rattling rattles, drumming or playing a flute as you do it.

(I found this last option ‘a bit too much’ until very recently – but then I experienced it myself in a shamanic ceremony and found it magical and mighty powerful, so yes, do what you need to do!)

Below you can find some visual inspiration, harvested for your creative impulses from Pinterest. Enjoy!


Pan playing flute to the animals (artist unkown)
Japanese buddhist shrine
altar in garden
Inga Hunter; Four Amulets
Milli Vedder; Balance







Spring Forest

I felt it was time for a new soul support scent, and went on to creating a grounding, invigorating scent that would open the senses for new opportunities, challenges and adventures ahead. It took more time than I had expected to get that olfactory mental image from my ‘inner smell’ into a bottle. But, finally: success!

It is a composition of woody, green scents with hints of fruit and flowers.

It’s actually meant to be used in an aroma lamp to scent your living space with, but if you head to the soul support scent page, you’ll find out there are more methods to enjoy the scent as well.

Wishing you sunny (early) spring days, enjoy!


Distraction (fetching the future into here&now)


To say that I easily get distracted is an understatement.
There are many things that I’m interested in and, although internet is a blessing (a limitless source of information) it is also a curse (again, a limitless source of information).

Back on track: distraction. It can also be positive, nourishing and good for you. Why?
Because what distracts you, interests you.
If you can see the coherent pattern of your distractions, you have a key in your hand to unlock something your subconscious has been trying to tell you for some time now.

My distractions were things that would fit under the title: “Homesteading on a small farm” (fermenting, cheese making, hand spinning, natural dyes…I know, so sexy).
I’m hoping, wishing and dreaming that my current distraction will become reality some day…but I was getting slightly frustrated about getting distracted with stuff that might possibly happen in the future, while I needed to focus on things at hand here and now.

With stubborn animals like myself, one needs to proceed creatively. I figured out that certain themes of interest could very well be tried and tested out in the here and now, and got to it.
Now the kitchen is in full swing and my working desk is an overflown mess of crafty stuff and my soul is so happy.

I can finally concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand, and try out my ‘future homesteading skills’ in the evenings and all kinds of pause moments.

So hereby I recommend to all distracted procrastinates: fetch your future dreams and past laments into the here and now, do them = get them out of your system and be happy.

End of preach.









old and current money – and seeds, the future currency?

As an intuitive spiritual-creative, it has taken me ages to find a positive attitude about money and marketing what I’ve got. Pricing? Tricky. Marketing? Loathed it. Business strategy? What??

And yet, money is the energy-exchange vehicle of this planet – at this moment.
In times long gone one would barter: if I had found and gathered more blueberries than I could use ( a silly thing to do, I know), I’d trade them for the eggs my neighbor had in abundance.

In our time the currency is money.
I find it fascinating how exchanging numbers on a screen or bits of paper or metal from hand to hand is so widely accepted and natural that we don’t even think about how absurd it is. It’s handy, that’s for sure, but it’s also somewhat unfair and risky. I read this book, a refreshingly optimistic view on the history of money economics and the idea of a basic income (if you prefer you can also find it in Dutch) recently, and wholeheartedly recommend it.

In the line of my previous post I’m going to launch a trial to celebrate the new year and new possibilities. Instead of sitting and waiting for the world to change, I’m changing a part of my world. I’ve been playing with the thought of opening the possibility for bartering-transactions for…years now. But I’ve been sitting on a fence because, even though I’ve seen brave and inspiring pioneers taking the path before me, I’ve also been hearing warning voices not to do so. But you don’t know it before you’ve tried it, right? So let’s go for the trial!

Basically, the idea is this:

If you see something you’d like on my Services-page , but don’t experience the abundance of money to pay in the conventional method, get in contact and make a proposal of your suggested exchange.

I’m offering energy body cleanups&boosts, interspecies communication, advice on potential plant allies and natural perfume.
In the autumn I also have herbal teas and dried herbs from our organic little farm.

I’m looking for ‘japanese zen-style’ ceramic cups and bowls, wooden utensils, 100% wool (angora/silk also fine) yarn for hand knitting, and your creative, loving suggestions.

To get an idea about what I like you can take a look at my Pinterest boards.

It is as simple as that.

And please don’t be offended if you get a “no, thank you” as a response (which will also be an invitation for you to come up with something else – it’s also a creativity challenge, I suppose).

I’m interested to hear your thoughts about money, trying out things and being creative with aspects of life. Do share in the comments, on Facebook or email me!


Natural body care – Safe & Dry deodorant

Safe&Dry deodorant

Your body is a wonderful vessel for your soul to travel in during this lifetime, with it’s fine-tuned biological functions – and we don’t want to bring it into imbalance with synthetic chemicals, do we? (“Nooooo!”)

So, in order to stay fresh and lovely the whole day I turn to my natural helpers, mixed together and contained in a tin, with the descriptive titel on top: deodorant.

I use this deodorant since the day I created the recipe – almost 5 years now. And I’m still very happy with it! Which doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the recipe! If you do, please share your invention with the rest of us in the comments below.

This is a deodorant creme, you bring it in your arm pit with the tip of your finger. It has the scent of rosemary and sweet orange.

This recipe is a bit complicated, but well worth the trouble. The batch will make 4x 30ml and a bit more… I usually scoop the “and a bit more”  into smaller tin(s) for a travel-size deodorant and as a tester for the particular batch.

Make it, use it, gift it (make a set, with Nourish&Heal face oil!) – but don’t steal it! This recipe is meant for personal use only. Adapting it for commercial use will cause you instant bad karma, you’ve been warned.


Safe&Dry deodorant

4 tablespoons sheabutter

1 and 1/3 tbsp beeswax

6 tbsp jojoba oil

1 tbsp corn starch

8 teaspoons baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

10 tbsp natural white clay

4ml (or 36 drops) of fresh lemon juice

4 tbsp strong sage infusion (“tea”)

16 drops essential oil of teatree

12 drops essential oil of lavender

32 drops essential oil of sweet orange

8 drops essential oil of rosemary


1.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a large bowl.

2. Mix the essential oils together in a small glass container.

3. Melt the shea butter and beeswax in a smaller bowl, au bain marie. When fluid, add the jojoba oil and let the mixture warm up again, so that everything is fluid and well mixed.

4. Add the lemon juice into the still warm sage infusion, add this mix into the oils mix.

5. Take a deep breath and get organized, i.e. have your ingredients ready, tins opened (on paper kitchen towels) and ready for filling. Things are going to move fast now.

6. Remove your bowl of oils-sage-and-lemon from the heat source, pour the contents slowly and steadily, mixing continually, into the dry ingredients. Get out every last drop. Then mix in the essential oils, mixing thouroughly.

7. Using a table spoon and a teaspoon, scoop the mixture into the tins as fast as possible. The mixture sets as it cools.

8. Let the filled tins cool before cleaning the rims and closing the lids.

Label, be very proud of yourself and use daily.

The tins will keep “forever” – I’ve never had one spoil (I store them in a cupboard), but then again, they get used and gifted away continually.


What do the ingredients do?

Shea butter and jojoba oil moisturize and nourish your skin. Beeswax gives the ‘hardness’ to the cream (together with shea butter) and keeps moisture in your skin.

The corn starch gives body to the deodorant and binds it together. Baking soda and white clay draw out impurities and keep you fresh (so yes, for an ultra-simple version of the deodorant you could mix baking soda and white clay and dust the powder into your armpits!).

The lemon juice softens your skin and acts as an emulsifier in the mixture. The sage infusion diminishes perspiration (and smells nice!). Tea tree essential oil is antibacterial, combating bad odour (fresh sweat smells quite sweet actually, it’s when the bacteria on the skin become active and produce waste that things get smelly). Lavender essential oil is also antibacterial, soothes and tonifies the skin – and smells good! Sweet orange is there for its tonifying action and great fragrance, and rosemary for increased blood-and lymph circulation and the fresh fragrance.














Wintersleep, and the scent of it


My focus seems to follow the Sun. After the autumn equinox my attention turns increasingly inwards and by the end of October I feel like withdrawing into my nest, for some deep reflection and rest.

As the leaves fall, my thoughts touch the deeper layers of Life:

  • gratitude for the lovely connections and things learned and realized this season
  • the deeper meaning of Life – yes, I’ve found it and search no more, for it is joy! …and love
  • the interconnectedness of Life and the cyclical nature of the flow of life. I’m revisiting patterns of life, dreams and hopes, at a new level, and almost planning for the future.

This is the time for digesting the old, giving it all a place. I’m observing, thinking and feeling through, sorting, filtering, integrating. Further input is not needed, it would disturb the process.

Somewhere in the darkness of this season, all that processing and integrating sparks new life. That which has been experienced, seems to go through some magical alchemical process, and in doing so it creates new questions, new desires, new seeds…and the gestation of a new future begins.

I’m not ready to get specific about those future plans quite yet. But I will share this with you: at this time of (relative) solitude and stillness I’m enjoying herbal teas, stews enriched with hot spices, red wine, a cat on my lap and a fragrant blend to suit.

Fragrant blend?! Tell me more!

I composed  a blend of high quality essential oils to support this alchemical wintersleep. Mainly meant to be vaporised in an essential oil burner, but if you want to mix it with a good quality base oil (think jojoba oil, almond oil, unheated sesameoil) and use for massage, body oil or your self made perfume, you could.

This composition is for calming the spirit, soul and mind. For deep thinking, sorting out, filtering things through your being and winning gold from your experiences.

You can read more about it here.



Talismans for trees


Gratitude. I am thankful for my plant allies and want to express it with yet another batch of talismans. So I dive into my creative cabinet and return to the table with boxes and tins filled with treasures.

Taking one specific plant into mind, I assemble a little handmade trinket, a talisman, a thank you-gift. One by one I create them for the fig, the grapevine and the apple tree.
My husband walks by and I explain:”I’m making gifts for the trees!” “Oh yes, of course…” is his amused answer.

Expressing gratitude towards another living being is an art form that I have neglected too often. Now that the heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection is so powerful that it is almost tangible to me, I experience the connection – and communication – between me and my plant friends as that of good human friends: warm, respectful, and of loving service.







Recipe: Nourish&Heal oil

Nourish and Heal face oil recipe

The idea to publish the recipes for my face oil and deodorant have been circling in my mind for some time already, and now that the ever-inspiring Milla from The Woman Who Married a Bear shared her deeply mindful train-of-thought about personal skin care (and asked about ours) on Instagram, it’s time for action – here it is, the Nourish & Heal face oil, in all her glory!

background story:

I had always had a ‘combination skin’, meaning that parts of my face would be oily (nose, cheeks, chin) whilst other parts, especially the skin right above my eyes and eyebrows, would be dry to the point of red and itchy. I used the regular moisturizers from skin care labels within the reach of my student/start-up budget.

Every break-through begins with a crisis (not sure if that’s 100% true but it sounds great and applied to my situation), here’s mine: I was pregnant, and then had a big, healthy baby, and suddenly my skin wouldn’t take the ‘regular’ stuff anymore. Moisturizers and cleansers all burned on my skin and all I could use was water, soap and olive oil.

I had been a huge fan of Kenzo’s ‘Jungle’ perfume (the ‘Elephant’ variation, though ‘Tiger’ would have matched my horoscope better) but suddenly perfume was giving me splitting headaches, so regular fragrances became a no-go area as well.

My curiosity led me to reading all around the internet and I started experimenting at home. I found jojoba oil a wonderfully soothing moisturizer for my facial skin, and mixed in a few drops of essential oil. Lo and behold, this was the birth of Nina’s Nature (along with a dream, you can read it here, otherwise the intro really gets too long)!

So let’s get to the recipe, shall we?

This will make 50ml face oil, enough to last for months when you apply a little every evening. After tapping it lightly on my face I pat my hands ‘dry’ at the ends of my hair = it doubles as hair serum! I use a 50ml glass bottle with a dropper to contain this natural wonder remedy.

Measure, mix (=shake), use and enjoy. And then make some for your friends!

25ml jojoba oil
15ml argan oil
9ml almond oil
4 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops frankinsence essential oil
1 drop rose (attar) essential oil
6 drops geranium essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil

The oils are healing and deeply nourishing. The essential oils are all chosen for their skin repairing qualities.

Go for high quality materials – your skin (and nose) will thank you.

The face oil as above has a light scent to it, but you can of course experiment with your own mixes of essential oils, bearing in mind that some essential oils can be very potent/strong (‘burning’) on the tender facial skin. Test first on a small area of tender skin, like on the inside of your wrist.

I’m sharing this recipe for personal use only. Adapting it for commercial use will cause you instant bad karma, you’ve been warned.










talismans by Simperi

Talismans – or amulets – are small objects I make for a person who has received a shamanistic healing*, or I make them for my spirit allies in nature to thank them.

I often didn’t photograph talismans as I thought they were of such a personal nature that it was inappropriate to show them in public. But then almost no-one sees them and I don’t have a visual record of what I’ve been up to! So I’ll try to improve and get into the habit of snapping more photos.

The talismans will find their way to little cracks, holes and cavities in nature, to the places I associate with the different nature spirits. Each talisman is made with a specific ally in mind.

* I make a personal talisman for a client if and when it is needed to anchor a healing. The talisman becomes a symbol of the healing that has taken place, and the person carries the talisman as long as it is needed for the healing to settle, integrate and become a part of the persons’ new reality.

I use a variety of materials to work with. Feathers, stones, shells, natural fibers (nettle and flax being favourites!), leather, parchment, semi-precious stones, copper, silver, buttons, lace, paper, beads… I am surrounded by my treasures and fabricate these small bundles of joy :) Life is good.