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Tag: nature spirits

Midsummer and nature spirits

Midsummer is here! Litha, the summer solstice is this year on the 20th, today – a drizzly, gray Monday in June. But no worries: with a full moon tonight and some elderflower champagne (for example) you can watch “The Fairy Trail”, an inspiring and enchanting documentary about nature spirits.      

Quote on Earth Healing

“We need to restore the cycle of exchange between human beings and the worlds of the Earth and nature. As a culture we take from the Earth what we think we need, we consume these resources, and discard or destroy what is left. This is not a cycle of exchange but a one-way path that leads to the spiritual impoverishment of human beings and the plundering and destruction of the Earth. To restore the cycle we must first ask ourselves what we can give to the Earth and its beings.… Read more Quote on Earth Healing