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Natural body care – Safe & Dry deodorant

Your body is a wonderful vessel for your soul to travel in during this lifetime, with it’s fine-tuned biological functions – and we don’t want to bring it into imbalance with synthetic chemicals, do we? (“Nooooo!”) So, in order to stay fresh and lovely the whole day I turn to my natural helpers, mixed together and contained in a tin, with the descriptive titel on top: deodorant. I use this deodorant since the day I created the recipe – almost 5 years now. And I’m still very happy with it!… Read more Natural body care – Safe & Dry deodorant

Midsummer and nature spirits

Midsummer is here! Litha, the summer solstice is this year on the 20th, today – a drizzly, gray Monday in June. But no worries: with a full moon tonight and some elderflower champagne (for example) you can watch “The Fairy Trail”, an inspiring and enchanting documentary about nature spirits.