work with me

I offer healing and mentoring services from Amsterdam, the Netherlands
– available everywhere via online channels!

Energy healing for your energy body and soul path



Spiritual mentoring sessions, answers to your questions about spiritual living



Gatherings to connect with a tribe on the path of spiritual development and personal growth, in the spirit of kindness and support.


” Sometimes you come across people who carry unique wisdom. Nina is such a person, I am happy to have met her. She has the universal wisdom in herself; she can easily empathize with me, and she sees crystal clear what I need and know how to communicate (spiritual) advice with both feet on the ground in a clear, pure, light-hearted and often humorous way! “


“When you have your remote session [of energy healing] with Nina, you feel like she’s right there next to you. With her accurate insight and vision, she’s able to pinpoint whatever the issue might be – and even unearth any underlying causes. She has the energetic tools and experience to clear and bring to balance what is most needed for your situation, and she’ll check up on you all the way to make sure you feel supported. Definitely recommending you’ll experience her sessions for yourself!”