We tend to think of dragons as mythical beings that appear in fairytales and folklore. But how about diving deeper into the essence of the Dragons?

As a child and young teenager I also loved to daydream and draw. Certain themes recoccurred in my drawings often: Princesses, Castles and Dragons.

As time went by and I started analysing and organising the World around me, I also gave (personal) meanings to the frequent visitors of my daydreams and drawings. There were more characters in those daydreams, but let’s stick to our subject: Princesses became Queens In Training, Castles their Homes and Dragons the Keepers of Treasures.

Dragons then popped up every now and then. As a pendant. As characters in a manuscript book I made. In a tattoo. And, in 2000, in the year of the Dragon, as a major culmination point in my life. For a long time I thought that the dragon-clue was about my partner, this marriage between (the Chinese zodiac signs) a dragon and a tiger.

But then… looking at the hills that flank the valley where our land in the Auvergne is nestled in, I discovered dragon-lines. A ying-line, bringing in fresh energy from the south-west, and a yang-line, streaming energy out into the north-west. Hmmm. The dragon energy was moving its tail again.

A quickening came quite recently: a dragonfly in our backyard garden. “Hello there, little friend!” I said. “Hello there human! I may seem small, but I am a (great) Messenger. Pay attention!” he said, and made a looping in the air, snatching yet another little fly from the golden sunlight.

The next day, as I was working together with a client, she at one point remarked “My daughter said we were visited by a dragon yesterday. And I said ‘Yes, I know’ – and I did know.” For a brief moment my mind raced, searching for answers, looking into things I had learned about the dragons in my knowledge-fishing from the world wide web. But no, that second-hand knowledge wasn’t appropriate for this magical situation. So I settled with “Oh, how wonderful !”, meaning it for 100%.

The following day I was just enjoying a quiet cup of tea in between things to do, as I felt a growing pressure around and on top of my crown chakra. To sense squeezes, fluxes and waves of heat in my body is quite frequent these days (can you relate?!), so first I didn’t pay much attention. But then the pressing got quite hard and intense. “Hey! Who’s there?! Stop that!” I said. “Well, you weren’t paying attention, so I had to. Dragon.” A what?!

So I looked and yes, it was a medium sized, purple, yet translucent Dragon. “Oh…hello.” Now that he had my attention, he downpoured his message: ” I’m here for wish-magic. Write down your vision and I will see to it becoming so. ”

Now I have done my ‘visualisations’ and Morning Pages, journalling and visionboards, but always felt like a hobbyist having a field trip day, sort of honing a skill but with not so much power nor talent.

This time it was very, very different. I was passionately inspired. In one, focussed, powerful flow I wrote down my vision. Clear. No hesitation. No holding back. Pure magic.

When I was ready, I had the feeling that he rolled my vision up and took it with him, and off he flew. Bye Dragon, thank you!

And then there was that moment of bafflement: did this happen just now? Really?! But yes, yes and yes – it was real.

“The Dragons are back!” I yelled in writing within a message to a dear friend.


The Lore of the Dragons

Once upon a time the Dragons roamed the Earth. They were the Wisdom Keepers, Healers, great beings that could live for hundreds of years.

Their Treasure looks like gold and jewels, but is actually our Self-realisation and Happiness. Or, perhaps the true nature of the treasure varies, depending on the one who is perceiving it?

They are also Masters of Magic, limitlessly creative, not limited by belief systems of “the logical mind”. And so, they are perhaps the ultimate allies we could wish for.

In my personal perspective, things have been so bad on planet Earth that most of the nature spirits and elementals, and the Dragons with them, went into hiding. The energetic vibe or atmosphere was of such a low vibration that they chose to flee into another dimension (it seems to me), visiting ours only very briefly from time to time.

Now that the spiritual awareness is arising on Planet Earth – admist all the chaos, I know – they are returning. There are even new ‘species’ coming in, to assist Gaia in her healing, nurturing her to be able to flourish again.

But back to Dragons. This blog post was my personal perspective on them. Perhaps write down, or draw, your musings about dragons, and then head over to Dances with Dragons, where you can read more on this subject, from someone who has been working with Dragon energy for a longer time.

Would you like to explore the invisible dimensions together? Read more about mentoring and healing with Simperi

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  1. Hi Nina

    Dank je wel! Wat mooi om te lezen.
    Gisteravond kwam ik mijn drakenbeeldje in de gang tegen….en nu lees ik jouw blog;-)))))
    Die energieflushes komen mij zeer bekend voor. Heb ze maanden gehad, nu weer rustiger.

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