Sweet dreams


This time of year I’m yearning for a good wintersleep. Ideally I’d like to withdraw into my nest at the end of October and emerge again some time in March.
I’m daydreaming about endless amounts of firewood and cabinets filled with summers’ bounty, me slumbering in between it all with a woolen blanket and piles of good books around me. Perhaps, some day. At the moment our life has a more active tempo, and I’m trying to get enough sleep every night in order to function well.

This time of year I’m doing my best to craft some gifts for people who I think might appreciate them. Handmade gifts are in my eyes much more than their functionality, since someone has put their time and energy in it – precious!

I made some Sweet Dreams scent cushions, and would like to share the tutorial with you. They are made with the intention to calm, relax and to give lucid dreams. Here’s how:

What you need:

dried mugwort flower buds
dried sage
dried lavender blossom buds
dried rosemary
dried rose petals

I had everything else in house except the rose petals, but have included them in the list, since they fit the mix perfectly, giving it their wonderful scent and some more colour. This time my mix is missing them, but I’ll do my best to include them next year! (*Making a mental note to dry some extra rose petals in the summer, not only for our luxury tea.*)

Just put everything in a large bowl, mix the ingredients with your hand and then fill your sachets with the mixture (I used small organza bags as sachets).

If you want to store the scent cushions for some time, put them in a jar with a well fitting lid so that the aroma’s will keep longer.

Sleep well!


What is your favourite trick to ensure a good nights’ sleep? Share it with us here (below), or on Facebook. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




  1. Hi Nina! I’ve been reading about Mugwort recently having come across it at the Plant Consciousness conference in September – http://www.artemisia.wales. I think it’s time for me to get acquainted with this herb . . . I used some dried sprigs from a variety of Artemesia called ludoviciana ‘Silver Queen’ while making a festive wreath a week or so ago without realising it’s significance . . . and now it has cropped up again in your post! Sophie xx

  2. Hi Sophie,
    Thank you for your comment! Mugwort is such a magical herb…I use it in self-made incense that I burn on charcoal, but also in tea infusions and in these scent sachets. Mugwort and Oak have been with me since I was a child, and it’s wonderful to get to know the meaning of these Plant Allies from written sources – and even better when you connect with them directly! Look up the plants that draw your attention, make friends with them – they are our powerful allies.
    Warm wishes,

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