Intuition, part 2

Rose, a plant spirit ally of the Heart

Listen to your intuition – because intuition is always right, it is your default compass.

But then comes the day when your inner world seems to consist of at least two different camps, and they are saying totally different things. Where’s the voice of intuition? However you look and search, you can’t find a coherent direction, on the contrary: it’s a total mess. What’s going on?

Welcome to the lands of Heart and Head.

Yes, we’re all born with a strong intuition, this gut feeling, the pure knowing of the Heart. But then something curious happens. We get told that things are done in such and such a way, that this one is better than the other, that we’re expected to live and behave in a certain way. By our parents, teachers, mentors, friends – often people who genuinely love us and have the best intentions for us.

As a fresh, innocent, malleable young person, we believe what we’re told. We take it for granted, listen attentively, take it in. But what if our elders are not-so-clear? What if they, in turn, have been thought by erratic people? And what if there’s a whole group of these people having erratic ideas – a whole family, nation or the whole population of your part of the world?

Then it’s very difficult to tell right from wrong, intuition from indoctrination, your original opinion from the prevailing idea.

As a self-improving, healthy person you want to get this thing right. So what do you do?

As with everything fun in Life, also here are various variations to tackle the situation.
One, which you’ve probably already noticed is recognition. You meet someone and start a conversation, and if the conversation gets warm and nice enough you touch things that truly matter: values, choices, Love etc. And you or the other says something brilliant and a light sparks in your eyes and you agree – we have the same, strange, misfitting idea. Wonderful!

Or, the Universe helps you, in totally unexpected ways: your questioning thought gets Approval and Answer From the Universe Itself through a song on the radio, a book you happened to buy years ago and you finally read it now or you watch a movie and could just explode by the upcoming emotions of recognition…See? Arts are the language of Spirit.

And for the studious, devoted people out there we have a special medicine, called meditation. By quieting the mind and just observing the landscape of your inner world, you will become more skilled in discerning the qualities of Truth and the rest. Not-truth feels edgy, uneasy, heavy, cold, not inviting. It drains you and is uninspiring. If it’s attractive but not-truth, it makes you confused and restless, frustrated and not-such-a-nice person.

All head-stuff, hormones, ego food and values that we’ve learned from others rather than filtered through our Soul (= looked at it from different angles, probed, tested and approved)  belong to the land of the Head. Useful for functioning in our society and for solving short term problems, but not very fulfilling or uplifting in the long term.

Enter the land of the Heart. Many of us have a lot of healing to do first, since the world we’re living in at the moment is not a very harmonious place.
Even with a broken Heart you can already navigate, but be gentle, patient and compassionate with your Self.

The Heart recognizes Truth. “It rings true”. Truth makes you relax. Expand. Fill with Love. (Love is healing, so stay with it, take your time).
Truth makes connections, opens possibilities, makes your Light brighter. Truth is creative, joyful and playful, it’s singing, dancing and sharing togetherness. Truth is respect for expression, yours and mine. Truth is respect for boundaries – mental, physical and energetic.

I wrote down a wishlist for my Self at the beginning of this week, not quite knowing what it meant at that moment: letting go, grounding, relaxing, being wild! Letting go, grounding and relaxing are my homework for the land of the Head. Being wild! is the assignment for my Heart.

As always, your comments are very welcome.

Part three of this Intuition-series will be about the Life Path.





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