It is the season when the veil between timelines, worlds and dimensions wears so thin that you can get glimpses into other worlds. Dimensions overlap, wash over each other… we can see more in this season of gazing inwards, quieting down.

To all of the day-dreamers, visionaires and strong believers out there – keep at it and let it go. Let me elaborate:

For eight years I held up a vision, a daydream – something I so strongly wanted to become true that it was at times frustrating. Simultaneously, it was precisely that holding on to the vision that blocked it from materialising – I was squeezing too hard and by doing so, closing the flow of letting things naturally fall into place.

Only when I let go of pushing my will upon the Universe and surrendered to Trusting it Will Be So in Divine Timing, things shifted into a higher gear. The shift from dream to reality was super fast, and it’s ever expanding – wow!

Magic is here to stay – it’s become magnetic. We’ve entered and era of connections, joy, Love and creativity like never before. In fact, life can be so intense at times that you need that extra sleep and a chat with a good friend to let the steam out at times. The challenge (or lesson) seems to be; stay in your own center (Source energy focal point), in the here&now AND relax.

The different dimensions exist simultaneously at different vibrational levels. You can think of it like turning the dial on a radio – tuning into different stations. The higher your vibration, the higher the dimensions you can access.

The “lift” is inevitable as soon as you relax into your Self. Turn inwards, silence your mind and just be with your Self. The joy of the connection will make you buoyant!

If you’re in need of a mind-hack (if the world is weighing you down), consider this:

  • you can use any negative emotion/thought as an “alarm” – something’s off in your thinking/perception (and the powers at the mondial steering wheel at the moment would like to steer your thoughts into negativity)
  • get into the habit of navigating towards gratitude, joy, connection, self-care, happiness and Love. In any way you can. Suggestons: Write a gratitude-list every morning or evening. Hug someone (=win-win). Pet an animal. Connect with a tree. Write a letter and send it. Hug yourself. Dance. Create, anything (a doodle, a cake, sing a song). Give a gift.
  • You ARE ALREADY liberated, awakened, free, able and powerful. The only thing blocking you from feeling it are negative thoughts. Get a good nights sleep and then do any of the things described in the point above.

edited on 26 November ’22

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