Personal boundaries

Setting, checking and guarding personal boundaries


As a free, floating soul in the multiverse, we get the opportunity to choose what we’d like to do*.
“Oh yes, I’d like to be a part of the Great Awakening on Earth!” And it’s all exciting and fun until you get hit from a direction close to your passions, dear to your Soul and it really hurts.

All pain is a wake-up call

Bodily pain, emotional pain, cognitive pain, empathic pain, tension, uneasiness… All of these are powerful warning systems, indicating that you’ve gone out of your way, violated your natural boundaries, and it’s a wake-up call to re-evaluate.

We come here to participate, yes, but in addition to that: to experience and to learn.
It’s not helpful to give yourself a hard time for having been foolish – every step of learning is on a new, higher level!
Take a long, good look at what has happened and why… oftentimes our lessons are mirrors, reflecting back at us what we need to heal, fortify or change in ourselves and in our interaction with the world. Learn, and then journey on.

Setting boundaries

Boundaries are our personal limits that we’ve established for ourselves through experiences. Like our personalities, these boundaries vary, but there are some universal similarities. For example:

  • it is not okay for someone to abuse you in any way, including feeding off your energy (extreme neediness of attention, love, affection etc)
  • it is not okay for someone to manipulate your choices (for example by suggesting you owe them, that you’re dissapointing them, that you’re the only one who can help them etc.)
  • it is not okay when a relationship is askew: one party giving (attention, advice, love, money…) and the other endlessly receiving, with not much or no sign of gratitude or improvement

Set your boundaries according to your personal sensitivity, honor them and…

Check and guard your personal boundaries

A thief rarely rings a doorbell and announces they’ve come to rob you. Likewise, a violator of your personal boundaries might sneak in at your weak spot or at a moment of personal trauma and nestle into your energy field without you noticing it straight away.

But energy never lies. If you start feeling giddy, restless or even irritated, it’s time to take a long hard look at what is happening in your life at the moment.

Your mind might come up with many noble-sounding excuses for the skewed behaviour, but look at things in the bright light of your consciousness. Is this, what is going on, okay according to your personal boundaries? Probably not. It is time to take action – to communicate clearly and to act accordingly.

Plant Spirit healing

As a nature being I’m reaching out to Plant Spirit healing in this lesson of boundaries.
As we all have our personal plant allies, I’m encouraging you to get intuitive and creative with finding yours. Think of a plant that is setting clear boundaries – most often by thorns, but it might also be by stinging and giving a nasty rash (nettles, poison ivy, giant hogweed…). My personal-boundary-ally is Hawthorn, but you might choose differently, according to your own natural, preferred habitat and plant friends; a cactus or (in cases of romantic matters) a thorned rose might be the right plant ally to you. Investigate, be curious. And engage with your plant friend – as in all relationships, there ought to be a mutual give-and-take, reciprocity out of respect and love, going on. Cultivate healthy relationships, whenever your can!

Gratitude for the lesson

I take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the lesson. I’m reminded to listen more carefully to the uneasiness, before it becomes an outright irritation, an allergy. We all have a lesson to learn, a mirror moment.

Here are some questions to investigate for the violator of boundaries:   What is it that you sought to find in me, that you thought you needed me for? Look within and find it in your Self. You will never go needy again.

* an addition to the Introduction: The shadow side to this bright picture is that some souls got tricked to return to Earth without their informed consent. So, if you feel like not wanting to be here, to want to return to your family in higher realms I get you. Want to talk about it? Or anything else that has to do with spiritual growth and personal empowerment, in a natural, healthy sense of these words? Let’s meet in Spiritual mentoring.

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