Nature Spirits and Elementals

The little people from the fairy tales, the brave beings from Lord of the Rings, our childhood companions :)

A selection of personal encounters and experiences for you to enjoy!

Oak Spirit, fairytales: Remember the Ents from Lord of the Rings? As a little kid I lived in Sweden with my Finnish parents, and we had a tiny class of other Finnish speaking kids – but I couldn’t find my match in that small goup in school. So every pause between the classes I sat at the foot of an oak tree, tracing its bark with my finger or gaze, and it was telling me fairytales, adventures, showing castles and princes, dragons and other fantasy stuff, entertaining me endlessly with its deep, soothing “voice”.

More Ents: We were ‘back’ in Finland now. I did play with other kids as well, but was secretly delighted when I went outside and found out that the others weren’t there. Then I’d climb up a tree, quite content, and nestle myself on a branch, leaning against the trunk, and just be… Humming a bit, daydreaming a bit, looking at people and animals from my high hiding place and just chilling with the tree. The trees have personalities (and genders) – and I really like their company!

Sensing Elementals: We played hide-and-seek in the dark woods with my cousins. I was about 9 years old. Equipped with a flashlight, we went into the early fallen night, lit only by vague star light. And I was afraid of the dark. But putting on my light meant being found first, and as the only girl I was determined not to chicken out. Under the trees it was so dark, it was impossible to see anything. To my astonishment, I realized I could feel the trees and the huge rocks that were scattered here and there. Suddenly I felt something very tall and wide straight ahead of me, a huge presence, like a gatekeeper. I had to flash my light, even if just for a split second to see what it was, now I was really scared. A huge upright rock, carried by the glacier into this landscape was standing there, humoring itself by scaring me with its serious gatekeeping antics, laughing his dry, clacking laughter silently in himself at his successful prank.

Fairies in Birch Trees: As an 11-year old I had the misfortune to land in a nasty class in junior high school for half a year. Being heavily bullied, school was a torture. But then something amazing happened, a game-changer: one morning on my way to school, I saw (and heard) fairies up in the branches of birch trees that were growing next to my route. They gave me a golden sphere of energy-light, and expressed with hand movements that I should put the sphere into my solar plexus. I did just that and felt empowered – self assured, determined, invincible. This ritual took place every morning until summer holiday, when we moved to another place again, this time I was relieved. Oh, and before moving I lifted my worst bully against a wall by his collar, telling him “don’t you dare doing that ever again!” ;)

Chi flow in Earth energy: In 1998 I went to study in London. My daily route was through Wimbledon Common, and even though I initially made the 6km there and back by bike, I soon opted for walking, because the slower pace gave more time to think and just be in the lovely woods. I soon adapted the habit to “hook my solar plexus to the chi flow of the path”. I noticed it worked better on a dirt road than on pavement, but even when the Earth was covered up with a man-made crust, I could feel the chi flow underneath. Walking was effortless, it felt like floating in a boat on a stream, except that (I didn’t levitate on top of the road…) I made my movements, but felt as if I was carried nevertheless.

The Wind and the Mountains in Oman: On our way from Dubai to Oman, during a wonderful family vacation (in 1998?), we drove over the mountains and stopped to take in the cenery. The others were slowly heading back to the 4WD but I felt the calling to climb up a cliff. What I then saw brought tears of awe to my eyes: The ancient mountain slope was breathtakingly beautiful in its reddish, layered magnificence, and I ‘understood’ I was looking at the cheek of Mother Earth :) Suddenly a strong gust of wind rushed along that cheek and flew to me, blowing very briefly but strong over and around me as if I just had received a strange kind of blown kiss, a hug or a just an acknowledging of “I see you, I sense you” from the Mountain itself.

Leprachaun: I’m not sure what to make of this one. At the end of 1999 I was visiting Dublin, and my host took me to the hills for a walk. “Try to find a Leprachaun, they might give you a treasure” he said (half?-) jokingly, not realizing I’d do my very best to actually spot one, since I really like nature spirits. It took me TEN YEARS (or 9 years and almost 11 months) to suddenly “see” James the Leprachaun popping up in my consciousness, greeting me in a casual, lofty manner, trying to control his laughter about my astonishment. I got the message he had “hopped onboard” somehow there in the hills back then. Harry had Dobby. I have James – but he’s no house elf!

Working together with a Spruce Spirit: This is a separate blogpost, you can read it here.

Discovering a Water Spirit: Read it here

Offerings to Nature Spirits & Elementals

Nature Spirits is a large and varied group, but as far as I can tell, they all adore honey and music. They appreciate a little song, or play a flute or some bells to say hello. Dwarfs like beer :) Leprachauns love gold… Tune in to them at your favourite spot in Nature and see what happens!

Elementals are a bit trickier to connect with. While nature spirits can express themselves in a human-like form, elementals tend to “stay in their element”, and connect with us on a more sensory (than cognitive) level. But it is a rich, exhilarating experience to be in contact with elementals for our dear planet Gaia is ALIVE with so many sentient beings living on, in and with Her.

I’ve shared my own experiences, and here’s a wonderful read to explore: Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings by Marko Pogacnik.

But I’d also love to hear your side of the story, your experiences or questions, so let me know!

Want to learn more about these things? Let’s meet in a spiritual mentoring session!

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